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How to Earn Perkville Points, told by GIFs

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve introduced lots of new ~technology~ to the Rec recently.

You can read about the updates here, but tl;dr — online booking for zouLIFE spa services, paperless TigerX passes, online registration for courses and boot camps……the list goes on.

Did you know that you can get rewarded for the things you do every day at MizzouRec?

That’s where Perkville comes in — it’s a point system that rewards you every time you attend a TigerX class, visit zouLIFE for a spa service and interact with MizzouRec on Facebook and Twitter. Points can be redeemed on zouLIFE discounts, TigerX one class passes and more!

To set up your Perkville account, launch the MizzouRec More app on your smartphone. Under the menu, Select “Perkville.” Here, you can check your balance and see how many more points you need to redeem a reward.


10 ways to earn Perkville points (as told by GIFs)

  1. Literally just join the rewards program.

    We get it, school is hard — you deserve a little somethin’ just for showing up. You’ll automatically receive 25 points when you sign in with your student email on the MizzouRec more app!


  2. Scale a mountain (wall).

    Ready to put that climbing pass to good use? You’ll earn points every time you make it to open gym, which is every Monday-Friday from 2-8 PM. (More info on Scroggs Peak and Brewer Butte on our website.)


  3. Turn another year older.

    Go shawty, it’s ya birthday — here’s 15 points, just for being born.


  4. Treat yo’ self in zouLIFE.

    And you thought feeling pampered and relaxed was the only benefit! We’ll match very dollar you spend in zouLIFE with 1 point.


  5. TigerX to your heart’s content.

    Get your groove on in Zumba, relax in Stress Reduction Yoga or sweat it out in Pump…you’ll earn points every time you attend a class (and you can reserve your spot online!).


  6. Let your friends know you’re here.

    Workout selfies encouraged but not required. We’ll give you 5 points for checking in on Facebook the next time you’re at the Rec for a Pump Room sesh.


  7. Book a service from the comfort of your home.

    Because online booking is the best thing that’s ever happened to us. When you use the MizzouRec More app (or go online to to schedule a zouLIFE spa service or save your spot in a TigerX class, you’ll earn 2 points. (But you have to actually show up to get ’em! Yep, the system is that smart.)
    *Bonus: book three times in a week? We’ll reward you with 15 points.


  8. Channel your inner Rocky in a Clark’s Boxing Gym class.

    2 points for every class you attend sure packs a punch. More info on Clark’s semester memberships here!


  9. Tweet @MizzouRec…and give us a follow while you’re at it.

    In case you haven’t noticed, we *love* social media around here. Follow us on Twitter for 10 points and tweet at us for 5 points — we love interacting with you on social media and will probably respond with an animal GIF (#winning).


  10. Purchase a TigerX Membership

    1 point for every dollar spent on a membership? We’ll do the math for you…that’s 53 points when you buy a semester pass. Boom.



Winter Break Project(s) Recap

New Year, New Additions to the Rec!


Over Winter Break, we closed the facility for two weeks to keep it in tip-top shape — and to make some awesome updates.

While you’ll notice some of the fancy new things right off the bat (hello, new track surface!), you’ll also have to go online to check out all of the exciting new things we did over break — but more on that later.  We know you’re gonna love all the new upgrades!

Here’s the low-down on all the new stuff (besides 2017!):

A new starting line-up in the Jungle Gym featuring the Nautilus® Inspiration line from Core Health & Fitness.


A new track surface as spirited as the Tigers using it.


T.J. Thomson, track, electrical, electric, electrician, lights, maintenance, upgrade,

Friendly reminder that Southeast and Southwest corners are offline until further notice!

Deep cleaned racquetball court walls.

McKenna Blair, raquetball, courts, paint, new, upgrade

McKenna Blair, raquetball, courts, paint, new, upgrade

An upgraded Aquatic Classroom including a new ~wave wall~, more storage space and an improved event space, making the room more user-friendly for different groups.


McKenna Blair, wave wall, paint, new, upgrade

Floor vents in Brewer Fieldhouse to prevent wood floor warp.


New floor surface in the Brewer Suites hallway.

In addition to these awesome updates, here’s a few more new things you might recognize around the facility:

Improvements in the Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball Training Suite

New turnstiles at West Entrance to match the SE entry/exit process. The West Entrance is still closed on weekends but open during the week, as a cost-saving measure…and added warmup/cooldown opportunity! #gettinginthoseextrasteps

New (and super bright!) LED lights on all courts and above the track


Last semester, we introduced the MizzouRec More app, allowing you to make online reservations for zouLIFE spa services and some TigerX classes (check out this blog post as a refresher). This semester, we added even more technology magic:

Paperless TigerX passes!

Instead of those pretty-but-small passes that could be lost or forgotten at home, TigerX is going digital — you will now use your student ID to sign in to TigerX classes! In addition, you’ll now sign up for ALL classes in advance online or through the MizzouRec More app. Want more info? We’ve got another blog post going in-depth on the new system. We know you’re going to love it as much as we do!

Did you know we have other membership-based fitness programs? Now, you can bundle.


Until Jan. 31, you can bundle a TigerX pass, Lifeworks Dance pass and Clark’s Boxing Gym membership for only $99! We’ll do the math for you — that’s a savings of $52!!!

There will still be opportunities to save throughout the semester — if you have a TigerX pass, you can always add on a Clark’s membership for only $29 (normal price is $39) or a Lifeworks pass for only $19 (normal price is $59).

Since our new system makes online registering for TigerX classes and booking spa appointments so easy, we’re doing the same for boot camps and various courses.

From the comfort of your home, you can now sign up for boot camps and courses (think CPR, instructor training and more) on our website or through the MizzouRec More app. We can still sign you up in zouLIFE — and student charge payment for these courses still has to be in-person — but this is a really convenient way to get the ball rollin’.

There’s no doubt in our minds that 2017 is going to be the best year yet — with all of these awesome upgrades, how could it not be?!

Team Mizzou Profile: Evan Cobb


Evan Cobb • Multimedia Specialist 

Evan is a second-year photojournalism graduate student from Minnesota. He’s been a part of Team Mizzou since April 2016. You can find him taking pictures for the Missourian or maybe at Tiger Grotto. Meet Evan! 

What do you do at MizzouRec? 

I work on the Creative team, and my job involves filming a variety of videos that will published on MizzouRec’s social media channels or on the blog. I edit those videos and work with other creative team members to develop the MizzouRec brand. 

What are you doing when you’re not at the Rec?

Currently I’m in the masters of journalism program at the journalism school and I’m in my second year. A lot of my classes are more hands on–you know, creating creating content for the Missourian or just working on my own stories in addition to the classroom. I also work as a teaching assistant. 

Why did you decide to apply for this job?

I came to photography and videography after my undergraduate career. I really felt like I needed to get more hands-on experience to increase my skill set. And I come to MizzouRec a lot for recreational activities. Imagine that, you know basketball, Tiger Grotto, working out. It just seemed like a really good fit because this is a place I’m familiar with and I can work on my skills too. It was very natural. 

What traits make for a good Multimedia Specialist?

I think flexibility is a big one. Being able to go back and reevaluate yourself and your partner’s work, and not being overly critical but constructive. It’s a lot of different skills, but listening and working closely with someone else is important. 

Tell us a fun fact. 

I’m going to give you a real simple one here. I lived in Cambodia from 2012 to 2014  and worked through the Peace Corps teaching English.

So you’re graduating in the near future. How do you think your experience at MizzouRec will help you in the professional world? 

I think, you know, a big one is the creative team. A lot of photo agencies work in teams. They have four or five photographers and videographers all working together to create content. Then other people in the team will redistribute it. So working on a creative team has been a great experience: learning how it operates and being able to bounce ideas off one another and work more for a common goal rather than an individual goal. 


Exciting Changes to our TigerX Program!

This fall, we debuted an awesome online system for booking spa services, reserving TigerX classes and more. 

This proved to be a great way to keep track of all of the MizzouRec things while giving you more access to your information (what time did I reserve a bike in that cycling class, again?). If you want to learn more about MizzouRec’s online services, check out this blog post outlining the new features.  

This spring, we’re upping our tech game even more.

Beginning spring 2017, TigerX passes will link exclusively to your MizzouRec online account. Instead of purchasing a paper TigerX pass (that you’ll inevitably lose right before your favorite Zumba class), your semester membership will be virtually tied to your account. While there are some advantages on our part for doing things differently, we think you’re going to love the switch! 


No more paper TigerX passes.

We heard you — keeping track of that paper TigerX pass was, well…a hassle. You should be focused on getting your TigerX on, not fumbling around with all of your belongings just to get into a class. Now, all you need is your  student IDyour instructor will be waiting to verify student ID at the door for easy access to your favorite TigerX classes.

Reserve ALL of your TigerX classes online.

In the past, only certain TigerX classes required reservations (cycling, SUP yoga, reformer pilates). Now, you’ll log into to register for ALL TigerX classes. The same reservation protocol applies — come AT LEAST five minutes before class starts, because after that we’ll start giving away class spots to members who haven’t registered. There will be limited availability for walk-ins, so reserve your spot online up to 24 hours in advance and ensure you’ll get to sweat it out during your favorite pump class.
Bonus: if you have the MizzouRec More app, you can export class reservations directly to your calendar and get a notification to remind you to make it to the Rec on time!

More data for us means more possible opportunities for you. 

Are you a die-hard cyclist? Really only get a kick out of cardio classes? Maybe TigerX is how you stay committed to your yoga practice — however, we previously weren’t keeping track of who goes to which classes and how often. The one-size-fits-all TigerX pass has been a wonderful option for our members, but who knows what the future holds? With our new online system, we can compile statistics for individual classes and members, opening the door to future membership customization opportunities. Is there a need for new TigerX options? This is how we’re going to find out.


Ready… Set…

Are you ready to take advantage of the awesome TigerX changes? Make sure you’ve activated your MizzouRec online account and downloaded the MizzouRec More app for your smartphone. You’re good to go! Remember to enjoy Free Week from Jan. 17-21 and TigerX Kickoff on Jan. 22. See you soon!