Personal Training

Invest in yourself with MizzouRec Personal Training. From one-on-one sessions, to take-home exercise programs or a hands-on tour of our facility’s equipment, our certified trainers can help you get on, and stay on, the road to success (whatever that looks like for you!) No matter where you’re starting from, our team has the tools to help you reach your goals. Start your health and wellness journey today.

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1-on-1 Personal Training

The road to successful well-being includes support from those around you! With Individualized Personal Training, we provide the professional guidance and evidence-based programming needed to reach your fitness goals. Our various package sizes allow clients to select the frequency of training sessions that work for their schedule and needs. Personal Training sessions can be completed in our private Personal Training Suite or any space affiliated with MizzouRec. Packages start as low as $36/session for MizzouRec Members

Training Package Cost
Truman Junior (3 sessions)
$109 (member)
$154 (non-member)
Truman's Choice (8 sessions)$285 (member)
$408 (non-member)
Tiger Pro Pack (12 sessions)$360 (member)
$540 (non-member)
Tiger Elite Pack (20 sessions)$550 (member)
$850 (non-member)
45-minute SINGLE SESSION$40 (member)
$55 (non-member)

All packages include a pre-assessment, are non-transferable and non-refundable, and expire within 6 months of purchase.


Partner Training

Grab a friend and enjoy the social (and financial) benefits of partner training! At a lower price per session cost, you and your partner will be led through intentionally designed personal training sessions by our certified professionals. You are required to identify your own partner at the time of registration.

Training PackageCost
Junior Partners (3 sessions)$155 (members)
$245 (non-members)
Partner's Choice (8 sessions)$430 (members)
$670 (non-members)
Pro Partners (12 sessions)$540 members)
$900 (non-members)
Elite Partners (20 sessions)$705 (members)
$1,305 (non-members)

All packages include a pre-assessment, are non-transferable and non-refundable, and expire within 6 months of purchase.


Monthly Program Design

If you’re a self-motivated individual who prefers exercising on your own, our Monthly Program Design is for you! This 4-week exercise plan is customized to your specific goals, fitness level and available equipment — We build your plan, you pick when and where to work out. With one MPD purchase, you will receive two in-person sessions at MizzouRec with one of our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers: First, a consultation to help us identify your needs and goals and then a check-in to help make sure you’re on track at any time during the 4-week period.

Monthly Program DesignCost
Includes fitness assessment and a 4-week take-home program$69 (members)
$84 (non-members)


Fitness Equipment Orientations 

Equipment orientations provide a hands-on tour of MizzouRec’s fitness equipment and spaces, at no additional cost! During this 30-minute tour, a Certified Personal Trainer will help you locate and use suggested fitness equipment that are specific to your health and fitness goals. Leave feeling more confident in our fitness spaces and how to best utilize the equipment that’s right for you! Workout specific attire is not required for this service, but closed-toed shoes are encouraged.

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Assessment Packages

We offer comprehensive fitness and body composition assessments that help you properly set and measure your fitness goals. We use the mBCA (bioelectrical impedance method) for body composition testing to accurately measure body mass (lean mass vs. fat mass), rather than just weight. Personal fitness assessments are also offered with personal trainers to help you properly set your goals and measure progress. 

Assessment TypeCost
FITNESS ASSESSMENT (includes body comp scan)$29.50 (member)
$44.50 (non-member)
SINGLE SCAN$15 (member)
$30 (non-member)



Personal Training clients must adhere to all MizzouRec general facility guidelines. Failure to comply with any MizzouRec policies could result in a range of disciplinary actions. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, however, singular offenses can be subject but not limited to verbal warnings and/or immediate removal or denial of entry to Personal Training Session. Repeated offenses can be subject but not limited to written warnings, probationary periods, reimbursement for damages, and temporary or permanent suspension from all MizzouRec facilities/programs without refund. Additionally, depending upon severity of the situation, any violation of these rules could result in disciplinary action taken by the university, including the Office of Student Accountability and Care and MUPD.


All Personal Training sessions are 45 minutes in length and include one complimentary pre-assessment per package purchase.


Clients must show proof of session purchase prior to their first meeting with a Personal Trainer. All purchases are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and expire 6-months after the original date of purchase. After the 9-month period, all remaining sessions will be forfeited.


24-hour notice is required for cancellation of personal training appointments without a charge. Clients may be charged or have session(s) revoked for failure to notify Personal Trainer of cancellation within the 24-hour time frame.


Clients must arrive on time for their scheduled training sessions. Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of session start time may result in a forfeit of the session. If a client arrives late, session may continue but will still end at the originally scheduled time.


In the event that one partner or client needs to cancel within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment or simply does not show, the session may continue with the remaining partner(s). However, due to the discounted rate for group training, the session will still count toward the package balance for each partner.


All Personal Training services are now available to members and non-members in a virtual capacity. Clients can meet virtually with their Personal Trainer to be coached, cued, and motivated throughout a workout in real-time. Alternatively, Trainers can design personalized workouts for clients to perform.


Clients must show they are eligible to participate in physical activity or provide proof of a medical provider’s release to engage in physical activity before meeting with their Personal Trainer. MizzouRec is not liable for any health-related conditions or injuries that occur during training sessions. Clients are required to notify their trainer of any prescription changes or medical conditions including surgery should they occur during your time working with a Personal Trainer for medical release purposes.


Clients must refrain from bringing their personal items (backpacks, purses, bags, etc.) into the Personal Training Suite. MizzouRec is not liable for any lost or stolen items. Personal items may be stored outside the PT Suite in the zouLIFE lockers at the client’s own risk.

As a courtesy to other clients and your personal trainer, cell phones are not allowed in the Personal Training Suite during a session.

For more information on the Fitness Programs Conduct Process, click here.

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