For entrance to the facility for non-members (non-students, non-faculty, or non-community members), you must enter and exit through the entrance designated to the reservation group by the Event Coordinator. These individuals just need to specify to the front-line staff that they are entering the facility for a reserved event and state the specific event. If the reserving party has members in it that are MizzouRec members, then they must show their member identification cards. Passing through the building by MizzouRec members without being swiped in will not be acceptable, even if they are with an event.

Reserving groups will only be able to exit the building through the way they entered and will not be able to roam the facility at any time if they are non-members. Reserving parties that are non-members must stay in the area(s) of the facility that has been designated for them; this includes the use of rest rooms. During facility hours; non-members can tour the facility by presenting a photo ID and giving their phone number at the desk they entered the building. At no time can a reserving party that are non-members use any equipment or space that has not been designated for them.

Both the East entrance and the West entrance are handicap accessible.

MizzouRec Exterior Map