MizzouRec Sponsorships

Sponsor and Partnership Opportunities

MizzouRec provides quality recreational experiences to all members of the campus community through top of the line facilities, programs and events

Become a sponsor and position your brand in the middle of the action. 

Why sponsor? 

Web and Digital Statistics

Guaranteed visibility through MizzouRec’s website and social media channels. 

  • More than 1.4 million pageviews annually to MizzouRec.com
  • 4,376 new visitors per week on average.
  • 27,689 average pageviews per week.
  • 17,000+ followers across all social platforms.

Advertising at the Rec

  • 300,000+ square feet of indoor program space including 7,000 square feet of space dedicated to esports and gaming.
  • 40+ acres of outdoor program spacing including Stankowski Field, MU Rec Trail, Epple Park and Venture Out.
  • Naming a space — attach a name to a student space within MizzouRec’s facilities. 

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Events and Programs

  • Wheelchair Basketball tournaments and camps
  • Plunge into MizzouRec
  • Spring Roar
  • Mizzou Esports tournaments
  • Intramural sports

Your Potential Audience

  • 31,000 student members (ages 18-25)
  • 3,000-5,000 daily visitors
  • 5,000+ visitors for event reservations
  • 3,000+ fitness class participations
  • 5,000 Intramural & Club Sports athletes

Ready to showcase your brand?

Contact us at 573-884-2443 or email RiceSM@missouri.edu.