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Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball team

Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball Camp

Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball Camp focuses on individual fundamental skill development and strategies in team play. Players participate in skill developing drills, controlled scrimmages and games that emphasize the skills and concepts taught by the staff.

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Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball represents the University of Missouri in the Central Intercollegiate Division of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.
Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball student-athletes have a unique responsibility to challenge themselves both academically and athletically. Excellence on and off the court is expected. They must balance the rigors of the college classroom with the tremendous mental and physical demands of the basketball court. In doing so, these student-athletes are presented with a chance to fulfill their potential, strive for greatness and realize their dreams.

Superior academics and high-caliber, competitive athletics deserve state-of-the-art facilities for weight training and conditioning. Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball trains in a private team-fitness room. The Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball Team Fitness Center offers players a private workout area complete with ergometers and weight lifting equipment.

With an array of leadership, academic and athletic opportunities, the program sets a high standard here at Mizzou.