Participating in RecSports is a great way to experience team building and camaraderie within your residence hall, Greek chapter or campus organization. Every event is designed to help individuals grow socially, physically, and mentally through competitive recreational activities in a safe and fun environment.

Maximum participation is our departmental mission. Therefore, Mizzou RecSports aims to provide rules and opportunities that are consistent with this vision while promoting inclusivity and a welcoming environment for all members to participate in our sports programing. RecSports CoRec programing is non-binary. Members will be able to participate how they identify on the field of play. 

Many team sports are available including Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer. With so many choices, there is something for everyone! Players may compete on one Men’s or Women’s Open team, and one Co-Rec team for each sport per season. Members of Greek Life recognized organizations may also participate on one Men’s or Women’s Greek team for each sport per season.

RecSports assist in the overall development of students by providing leadership opportunities for both participants and student employees, helping to unite the student body and serve as a retention tool for the University.

Entry Fee Per Participant Tournament
E-Sports Rocket League Tournament17 Aug - 20 Aug, 5:00pm
Free20 Aug, 6:00pm
E-Sports Rocket League Tournament31 Aug - 3 Sep, 5:00pmFree3 Sep, 6:00pm
E-Sports Rocket League Tournament14 Sep - 17 Sep, 5:00pmFree17 Sep, 6:00pm
Badminton Tournament 113 Sep - 16 SepFree21 Sep - 24 Sep
Pickleball Tournament 120 Sep - 23 SepFree28 Sep - 1 Oct
E-Sports Rocket League Tournament28 Sep - 1 Oct, 5:00pmFree1 Oct, 6:00pm
Free Throw Contest27 Sep - 30 SepFree5 Oct - 8 Oct
3PT Contest4 Oct - 7 OctFree12 Oct - 14-Oct &
19 Oct - 21 Oct
Badminton Tournament 212 Oct - 14 SepFree19 Oct - 22 Oct
E-Sports Rocket League Tournament12 Oct - 15 Oct, 5:00pmFree15 Oct, 6:00pm
Pickleball Tournament 218 Oct - 21 OctFree26 Oct - 28 Oct
E-Sports Rocket League Tournament26 Oct - 29 Oct, 5:00pmFree29 Oct, 6:00pm
H.O.R.S.E. Tournament1 Nov - 4 NovFree9 Nov - 18 Nov
E-Sports Rocket League Tournament16 Nov - 19 Nov, 5:00pmFree19 Nov, 6:00pm