Registration & Eligibility


Registration Opens: November 27, 2023

Early Bird Registration Deadline ($275/team): January 21, 2024

Extended Registration Deadline ($325/team): February 9, 2024 at 11:59pm


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  3. Team and Player Forms


  • Players must be enrolled for the minimum number of hours for at least 45 days prior to the start of the championship event.
  • Undergraduates – minimum of ½ full-time enrollment status
    • Must be considered an Undergraduate student by University’s Registrar
  • Graduate – minimum of six credit hours
    • Must be considered a Graduate student by University’s Registrar
  • If a player is graduating the term of a NIRSA Championship Series event, and is enrolled for less than the minimum hours required for eligibility, then a letter from the registrar stating that the player will be graduating the same term of the event should be submitted along with the other registration materials.
  • Participants from schools on the quarter system must meet the eligibility requirements of the half time enrollment for both the current and the preceding quarter.
  • Collegiate Athletes
    • If a player has appeared on a varsity roster (squad list) at any two-year or four-year college in the same sport, this constitutes the use of eligibility for the NIRSA Championship Series.
    • Players must not be listed on the varsity roster (squad list) in the same or related sport for the current academic year.
  • Players must not have been declared a professional athlete in the same or related sport.
    • A professional athlete is one who receives any kind of payment, directly or indirectly, for athletic participation, or who has participated in competition with a professional team.
    • A professional athletics team is any organized team that provides any of its players more than actual and necessary expenses for participation on the team and/or declares itself to be professional.
  • The NIRSA Championship Series expects participation to be based on one’s self-identified gender and that it is done in good faith and is consistent with a player’s expressed gender identity.
  • For the entire player and officials’ eligibility:
    View the NIRSA Player Eligibility Requirements »


  • All team players must attend the same institution from any two- or four-year degree-granting college or university.
  • Teams representing military installations are eligible to compete, so long as all members of those teams are assigned to the same military installation.
  • Teams are limited to one (1) former varsity player they can register. A former varsity player is defined as a student who has been listed on a “school’s varsity roster (squad list) for any 2-year or 4-year college/university team for more than one academic year.
  • A participant may only be listed on one team roster at a NIRSA Championship Series Event.
  • Participants are eligible to play based on their expressed gender identity so long as they comply with all Player Eligibility Guidelines. Individuals are not eligible to play on multiple single-gender teams.