Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball 2022–2023 Game Schedule


Oct. 29HomeUniversity of MissouriKansas City9 a.m.W 54-40
Oct. 29HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.Kansas City11 a.m.W 59-41
Dec. 2HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.Auburn3 p.m.L 68-29
Dec. 2HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.Arizona5 p.m.L 80-37
Dec. 3HomeUniversity of Missouri VS.Auburn9 a.m.L 63-43
Dec. 3HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.Arizona11 a.m.L 66-33
Dec. 17Away–AuburnUniversity of MissouriVS.Edinboro11 a.m.W 71-41
Dec. 17Away—AuburnUniversity of MissouriVS.Alabama3 p.m.L 54-34
Dec. 17Away–AuburnUniversity of MissouriVS.Auburn7 p.m.L 66-30
Dec. 18Away–AuburnUniversity of MissouriVS.Alabama11 a.m.L 62-34
Jan. 27HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.UW-Whitewater3 p.m.L 68-57
Jan. 27HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.Auburn5 p.m.L 56-47
Jan. 28HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.Auburn9 a.m.W 65-64
Jan. 28HomeUniversity of MissouriVS.UW-Whitewater12:30 p.m.L 77-73
Feb. 4Away–Omaha, NEUniversity of Missouri VS.Omaha1:30 p.m.W 72-36
Feb. 4Away–Omaha, NEUniversity of Missouri VS.Omaha3 p.m.W 62-52
Feb. 17–18Away–Edinboro, PAUniversity of MissouriVS.Edinboro
March 3–4Away–Marshall, MNUniversity of MissouriVS. Marshall
March 15–18Nationals@Whitewater, WI