After each game, each team will be awarded a sportsmanship rating (0-4). This score will be determined by the referees and the supervisors based on the behaviors and actions of each team during the game.

Actions such as cursing, constant arguing officials calls, fighting, and/or any other actions that are determined to be unsportsmanlike will count against the team’s sportsmanship rating.

  • Conduct fouls (technical fouls, red/yellow cards, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties) will also deduct points from a team’s sportsmanship rating. However, technical fouls, cards, and penalties not determined to be conduct fouls (ex: illegal substitutions, improper equipment) will not usually result in deductions in sportsmanship unless it constantly occurs.

For teams to be eligible for playoffs, a team must have an average sportsmanship score of 3.0. Any team with a lower average may be deemed ineligible for playoff games. Teams in the playoffs must have a 3.0 sportsmanship rating each game to move on. If a team wins a game, but has a sportsmanship score lower than a 3.0 they will risk being ineligible to compete for the remainder of the playoffs and the losing team will take their spot in the bracket.

If a team is given a sportsmanship rating of a 2.0 or lower they will be placed on “probation” for the remainder of that sport season. They will risk being removed from the league if future issues arise.


  • A team that is unable to meet the minimum player requirement will forfeit the game. The game will be recorded as a loss, and the team will receive a sportsmanship rating of 0.
  • A team may contact the RecSports office 24 hours in advance if they cannot make a game. The game will be recorded as a default, and your team will be assessed a sportsmanship score of 0. (See default rules on the next page)
  • A team that wins a game by forfeit or default will receive a sportsmanship rating of 0.
  • Contests which are not rescheduled due to rainouts, poor field conditions, etc. – both teams will receive a 0 rating.
  • A team who forfeits twice (2) in a season will not be eligible for playoffs.

The sportsmanship rating scale will be as follows:

  • 4 – Good: A NORMAL flowing game. Some questioning of the officials’ calls and/or very few complaints. Some foul language not directed at opponents, teammates, or officials. No warnings are issued, and teams have been, for the majority of the game, well behaved to one another and the officials.
  • 3 – Moderate to Difficult: Teams or individuals repeatedly question the official and their judgment. A team or individual is unsportsmanlike to their opponent in terms of fair play or communication. Conduct violations occur during the game. If an unsportsmanlike penalty is assessed (U.C., Technical Foul, Yellow Card) a team cannot receive a score higher than 3.0. Exception: RecSports Leads/Officials have the ability to change sportsmanship ratings based on one individual player versus an entire team.
  • 2 – Poor: Multiple warnings are issued to a team or its players. An ejection may occur for an individual due to repeated warnings based on their sportsmanship (a red card, two technical fouls, continuous unsportsmanlike behavior, etc.). Harassment towards officials or supervisors is continuous and abusive.
  • 1 – Unacceptable (Ejections): Multiple ejections; verbal and abusive language towards officials, supervisors and/or participants; the game being forfeited or ended before its completion. Teams or individuals may be subject to removal from the league.
  • 0 – Fighting: Any physical confrontations between players or teams. This also includes threatening or assaulting an official or supervisor. Teams will be subject to removal from the league, and subject to the possibility of being banned from all Intramural competitions indefinitely.