The safety of all that participate in the program is of utmost importance to the organization and administration of each activity. All Intramural Sports activities require the removal of all jewelry including but not limited to watches, chains, bracelets, necklaces and piercings. If jewelry cannot be removed, that player cannot play. In these activities, only a medical alert necklace/bracelet, or religious jewelry may be worn. Items falling under these categories must be secured with athletic tape so that no sharp edges are exposed while still leaving the medical alert visible. Rulings by the Intramural Sports staff regarding jewelry are final. Please leave all other jewelry at home. Intramural Sports staff will not be responsible for any lost jewelry.

In an effort to maintain a safe playing area, all participants are to adhere to the following BLOOD RULE: Any player who is bleeding must be substituted for until the bleeding stops. An Intramural Sports Lead or game official has the authority to remove the player.

If by removing the player who is bleeding, the team falls below the minimum number necessary to play (sport specific), the following will apply: The game clock will stop and a maximum of five (5) minutes will be allowed for the player to stop the bleeding. An Intramural Sports Lead must approve the player re-entry. Any and all blood soiled clothing must be changed before a player is allowed to return to the game. If the bleeding is not stopped within the allotted five (5) minutes, the team will be given the option to continue play without the bleeding player or default the game without a reduction in sportsmanship rating. THE ALLOWANCE IS ONLY FOR PLAYERS WHO ARE BLEEDING WHEN THE TEAM CANNOT CONTINUE TO PLAY WITHOUT THEM. In all supervised activities, an Intramural Sports Lead will be available to assist a bleeding player and determine whether the individual may return to play.