Protests may be filed for two reasons:

  1. The misapplication of a playing rule.

NOTE: An official’s judgment cannot be protested (i.e. ball going out of bounds on Team A)

  1. Participant Eligibility (i.e. Basketball team having more than 2 Club Basketball members)

Protests will be handled in the following manner:

  1. Protests must be brought to the attention of the Official or Intramural Sports Lead. These questions will be handled on the field by the Officials. The Officials may meet with the Intramural Sports Lead on duty to determine the ruling.  Once this decision has been made, the game will proceed under the given ruling.
  2. If the team is not satisfied with this ruling, the team captain must notify the Intramural Sports Lead that the game is being played “under protest”. This indicates the team wishes to appeal the decision to the Intramural Professional Staff.  For eligibility protests, there will be extension of 24 hours following the conclusion of the game.
  3. At the time of protest, the Intramural Sports Lead must fill out a Protest Form. This form will include time remaining in the game, score, and result of the protest.  If a Protest Form is not filled out, the protest consideration cannot be granted.
  4. Protests MUST be completed prior to the next batter, timeout, play, etc. (depending on the sport). (I.e. a team cannot decide in the fourth quarter of a flag football game that they want to protest a play from the first quarter of that same game).