Eligibility Guidelines


Eligible Participants

  • University of Missouri students with a  valid Student Recreation Complex Membership
  • University of Missouri faculty/staff with a  valid Student Recreation Complex Membership
  • Any other individual that possesses a valid Student Recreation Complex Membership

Playing on More Than One Team

An individual may participate on one team per league. Exception: If there is a Men’s A and Men’s B division for example, teams/players must choose 1 of these leagues to participate in. A male may participate on one Men’s A basketball team OR one Men’s B team, one CoRec team, and one open/ResHall team. They may NOT participate on two teams in the same league. For example, a female may not participate on two CoRec Flag Football teams. Once you have signed in to a game for a team, you many not switch to another team.

Signing In

Each player must be listed (first and last name) on the score sheet prior to his or her participation in a RecSports contest. All players should create a profile and join the team on IMLeagues.com to be listed on the roster. At each contest, the Mizzou Intramural Sports staff will require proof of Student Recreation Complex Membership by viewing that member’s Student ID or MizzouRec ID. Only Mizzou and MizzouRec IDs can be used when checking in players. Pictures of IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, social media pages, etc. will NOT be accepted. If the player does not have their ID, they can get another at the ID Center.

False Identification

If a participant tries to use another person’s Mizzou ID, it will be confiscated. The player and the owner of the ID will be suspended from IMleagues. Both people will need to meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator. A team playing a game with a player who uses an invalid or false ID will forfeit that game.  Both parties will be subject to disciplinary action by the University of Missouri.

Club Sports Members

A club sport member is defined as one who has practiced or played in a contest for that respective club during the past fall and spring semesters (one full year). Any player who starts the season as a club member and quits for any reason will still be considered a club member for the next two semesters (fall and spring). These restrictions apply to all open leagues and Greek teams who qualify for all campus championship games.

Only two (2) club members are allowed to participate on any same Intramural Sports team in a sport that relates to their club. (I.e. Volleyball club and Sand Volleyball)

Collegiate Athletes

Students who are on a varsity roster at a higher education institution (NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, NJCCA, etc.) are not eligible to compete in that Intramural Sport or related sport until two full semesters have passed (fall and spring) after they are no longer associated with the team.  Association shall include persons practicing or working out with the team whether they play or not. Students who try out for a varsity squad and are cut / quit are ineligible until they meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator for approval to compete.

Varsity Athletes in Related Sports

Current varsity athletes may participate in other Intramural Sports activities outside of their varsity sport. However, they may not participate in that sport or its related activity.

Professional Athlete

People who, for any form of compensation/income, compete or have competed in their sport or related Intramural Sport are ineligible.

Fraternity and Sorority Organizations

Members of fraternities and sororities who are officially registered with University of Missouri Greek Life (NOT SOCIAL AFFILIATES) are eligible to participate in the Greek Division. Rosters on file with University of Missouri Greek Life will serve as the official house rosters for Intramural Sports eligibility. It is the Greek organizations responsibility to ensure team members are eligible. Protests will be investigated by MizzouRec.

Eligibility of Opponents

When questioning the eligibility of an opponent it is mandatory for the protesting player(s)/team(s)/official(s) to “announce” those questions to the opposing designated captain AND game official(s) before the game is completed. If warranted, player(s)/team(s)/official(s) need to follow up with a written protest by scheduling a meeting with the Intramural Sports Coordinator within 24 hours of that Intramural Sports contest. The Mizzou Intramural Sports program reserves the right to handle eligibility violations without formal protest.



The maximum roster size for each sport offered by Intramural Sports is listed in the table below. In certain situations these maximums may be altered by authorization of the Intramural Sports administrative staff. Sports not listed will be set with a maximum roster size that is double the amount of player on the field/court for one team for that sport.

Sport Roster Max CoRec Leagues*
Basketball 10 10
Flag Football 14 16
Indoor Volleyball 12 12
Sand Volleyball 8 8
Soccer 14 16