Intramural Sports Participant Handbook



A team may call the Intramural Sports Office (573-882-4182) to default OR fill out the Default Form to avoid the Forfeit Fine Penalty. If the game is scheduled on Monday – Thursday, teams must call or fill out the form before 3:00pm on the day of the game. If the game is scheduled for Sunday, teams have until 3:00pm on Friday to default and avoid the fine. If a team elects to default, they will be charged with a loss but not assessed a forfeit.

*No team may default and/or forfeit more than two (2) games in a season and be eligible for the playoffs, even if it is mathematically possible to do so.*




In all sports, players must wear athletic type shoes that cover the foot completely. Sandals, boots, and open toe shoes are NOT allowed. For outside sports, cleats are limited to studs or projections that do not exceed ½ inch in length and are made with nonabrasive rubber or rubber-type synthetic material that does not chip or develop a cutting edge. Sports that are exceptions to this policy are: sand volleyball or sports taking place in the Mizzou Aquatic Center.


Some specialty equipment will be provided by Mizzou Intramural Sports for each competition. Those items may be checked out at the Stankowski Fieldhouse or at Brewer Station during Intramural Sports game times. Players may also check out equipment for practice or warm-up at the Brewer Station in the Student Recreation Complex. A current MU ID Card or Student Recreation Membership Card is required to check out equipment. Users shall be responsible for payment for loss, theft of, and/or any and all damages/repairs to equipment items (other than normal wear & tear).



With the high use and traffic in all facilities, participants are responsible for their own garbage/trash. Your cooperation and help is also needed with keeping bicycles, scooters, and other hazards away from all playing areas. Please notify Intramural Sports staff of any safety hazards regarding the equipment or facility. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on or in MizzouRec facilities. Please do not bring food, pets, tobacco products and gum onto Stankowski Field. Sportsmanship points may be subtracted for garbage and forbidden products.

**Service animals are allowed. Emotional support animals are not allowed on MizzouRec property.**



No alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarette, or any other illegal substance is allowed on any University property. This includes all Intramural Sports playing fields and courts. If any illegal substance is discovered, it will be disposed of immediately. 

If a participant, team, or spectator shows up for an Intramural Sports game impaired or is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, the participant or team will be required to leave the area. The team will forfeit if several members of team are impaired, or if participant(s) will not cooperate with Mizzou Intramural Sports staff. Attempts will be made to deal with individuals first, and the team second, if the individual(s) will not cooperate. 



Any injury incurred while participating in Intramural Sports must be recorded on an accident report form. If a player is removed from play by an Athletic Trainer, that participant must be cleared (by the AT) prior to playing again in an Intramural Sports competition.

Inherently, many Intramural Sports activities present the possibility of injury. Participation in the program is voluntary; individuals assume responsibility for their own health and safety. All individuals who intend to participate in Intramural Sports should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine that they are physically able to participate. Medical insurance, which would cover expenses incurred in the event of injury, is strongly recommended.

Inclement Weather


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During inclement weather, games can be cancelled only by the Athletic Trainers, Intramural Sports Coordinator, or Lead on site. Do not assume the game will be cancelled as the weather is very unpredictable. It is your responsibility as the captain to make sure your team is ready to play at game time. Cancelled games during the regular season may not be rescheduled based on time/space availability. If games are not rescheduled both teams will receive a win and a “4.0” sportsmanship rating. Playoff games which are cancelled will be rescheduled and posted on IMLeagues by 2:00pm the following day. Heat and cold temperatures may also cause for programming to be cancelled at the Intramural Sports Coordinator’s discretion.



Protests may be filed for two reasons:

  1. The misapplication of a playing rule.

NOTE: An official’s judgment cannot be protested (i.e. ball going out of bounds on Team A)

  1. Participant Eligibility (i.e. Basketball team having more than 2 Club Basketball members)

Protests will be handled in the following manner:

  1. Protests must be brought to the attention of the Official or Intramural Sports Lead. These questions will be handled on the field by the Officials. The Officials may meet with the Intramural Sports Lead on duty to determine the ruling.  Once this decision has been made, the game will proceed under the given ruling.
  2. If the team is not satisfied with this ruling, the team captain must notify the Intramural Sports Lead that the game is being played “under protest”. This indicates the team wishes to appeal the decision to the Intramural Professional Staff.  For eligibility protests, there will be extension of 24 hours following the conclusion of the game.
  3. At the time of protest, the Intramural Sports Lead must fill out a Protest Form. This form will include time remaining in the game, score, and result of the protest.  If a Protest Form is not filled out, the protest consideration cannot be granted.
  4. Protests MUST be completed prior to the next batter, timeout, play, etc. (depending on the sport). (I.e. a team cannot decide in the fourth quarter of a flag football game that they want to protest a play from the first quarter of that same game).


All teams who meet sportsmanship and forfeit requirements will be eligible for postseason. For sportsmanship & forfeit/default requirements please refer to the sportsmanship section of this handbook. For forfeit and default requirements, please refer to the forfeit and default section of this handbook. However, due to the number of teams in some activities and the limited time available to complete the playoffs, not every eligible team is guaranteed a playoff spot. The requirements may be adjusted at the Intramural Sports Coordinator discretion.


Grace Periods


A team that is unable to meet the minimum player requirement will forfeit the game. The game will be recorded as a forfeit, and the team will receive a sportsmanship score of 0.

If both teams do not meet the minimum player requirement, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit and both teams will receive a 0 sportsmanship rating.

THE 10 MINUTE RULE FOR TEAM SPORTS (Football, Basketball, Soccer, Indoor/Sand Volleyball):

  1. A 10 minute grace period will be given for team sports if a team meets the following requirements:
    • Depending on the sport, there is a minimum number of players required to be eligible for a grace period to be granted (see below for each sport)
    • The minimum number of players to begin play are ready
  2. If a team is granted a grace period, a penalty will be imposed with its point value depending on each sport (see below for each sport). Each penalty will be imposed as follows:
    • The game clock will start at game time
    • A point penalty will be assessed to the team granted the grace period at game time and 5 minutes past game time. The point value of the penalty will vary depending on the sport
    • If the team granted the grace period is able to begin, the opposing team will automatically have choice of possession
  3. If neither team has the minimum number of players to start the game, but does have enough to be given the grace period, the game clock will run until the 10 minute mark but no point penalty will be assessed***
    • If, at any time, one team does meet the minimum number of players no point penalty will be assessed, but that team will receive first possession or choice of possession
    • If neither team has the minimum number of players to start the game, and one team does not have the minimum number of players to be granted the grace period then that team will forfeit. The other team will be granted the 10 minute grace period to get the minimum number of players to be awarded the win.
    • Flag Football (Men’s and Women’s League)
      • Minimum Players Required: 5
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 3
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 7 & 7
      • Final score of Forfeit: 14-0
    • Flag Football (Co-Rec)
      • Minimum Players Required: 6 (a team should have no more than 4 participants of the same gender in which they identify on the field at one time.)
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 3
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 7 & 7
      • Final score of Forfeit: 14-0
    • Soccer
      • Minimum Players Required: 6
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 3
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 2 & 2
      • Final score of Forfeit: 4-0
    • Soccer (Co-Rec)
      • Minimum Players Required: 6 (a team should have no more than 4 participants of the same gender in which they identify on the field at one time.)
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 3
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 2 & 2
      • Final score of Forfeit: 4-0
    • Basketball
      • Minimum Players Required: 4
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 2
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 10 & 10
      • Final score of Forfeit: 20-0
    • Basketball (Co-Rec)
      • Minimum Players Required: 4 (a team should have no more than 3 participants of the same gender in which they identify on the court at one time.)
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 2 (at least 1 of each gender)
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 10 & 10
      • Final score of Forfeit: 20-0
    • Volleyball
      • Minimum Players Required: 4
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 3
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 5 & 5
      • Final score of Forfeit: 2-0
    • Volleyball (Co-Rec)
      • Minimum Players Required: 4 (a team should have no more than 2 participants of the same gender which they identify on the court at one time.)
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 3
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 5 & 5
      • Final score of Forfeit: 2-0
    • Sand Volleyball
      • Minimum Players Required: 3
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 2
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 5 & 5
      • Final score of Forfeit: 2-0
    • Sand Volleyball (Co-Rec)
      • Minimum Players Required: 3 (a team should have no more than 2 participants of the same gender which they identify on the court at one time.)
      • Minimum Players for Grace Period: 2
      • Point Penalty at game time & 5 minutes past: 5 & 5
      • Final score of Forfeit: 2-0

All points and scoring will be gender neutral.



The safety of all that participate in the program is of utmost importance to the organization and administration of each activity. All Intramural Sports activities require the removal of all jewelry including but not limited to watches, chains, bracelets, necklaces and piercings. If jewelry cannot be removed, that player cannot play. In these activities, only a medical alert necklace/bracelet, or religious jewelry may be worn. Items falling under these categories must be secured with athletic tape so that no sharp edges are exposed while still leaving the medical alert visible. Rulings by the Intramural Sports staff regarding jewelry are final. Please leave all other jewelry at home. Intramural Sports staff will not be responsible for any lost jewelry.

In an effort to maintain a safe playing area, all participants are to adhere to the following BLOOD RULE: Any player who is bleeding must be substituted for until the bleeding stops. An Intramural Sports Lead or game official has the authority to remove the player.

If by removing the player who is bleeding, the team falls below the minimum number necessary to play (sport specific), the following will apply: The game clock will stop and a maximum of five (5) minutes will be allowed for the player to stop the bleeding. An Intramural Sports Lead must approve the player re-entry. Any and all blood soiled clothing must be changed before a player is allowed to return to the game. If the bleeding is not stopped within the allotted five (5) minutes, the team will be given the option to continue play without the bleeding player or default the game without a reduction in sportsmanship rating. THE ALLOWANCE IS ONLY FOR PLAYERS WHO ARE BLEEDING WHEN THE TEAM CANNOT CONTINUE TO PLAY WITHOUT THEM. In all supervised activities, an Intramural Sports Lead will be available to assist a bleeding player and determine whether the individual may return to play.



If a player is ejected, they are immediately suspended from every Intramural Sports competition. The Intramural Sports Coordinator will review the Ejection Form submitted by the Intramural Sports Lead to determine if further action is warranted. If a meeting between the Intramural Sports Coordinator and participant is required, the steps below must be completed and will meet with the ejected participant(s) and appropriate penalties will be determined, if applicable. If a meet participants must complete the following steps to become eligible to play in ANY sport:

  1. Within 24 hours of the ejection, the Intramural Sports Coordinator will contact the ejected participant to inform them of their status (no suspension necessary, meeting required, report send to Student Accountability, etc.).
  2. If a meeting is required, the ejected participant must respond to the Intramural Sports  Coordinator with three times that they are available to meet, within 24 hours of receiving the notification.
  3. The Intramural Sports Coordinator will reply to you confirming one of your meeting times or proposing alternate times to meet.     
  4. Serve your suspension, if applicable.
  5. Eligibility reinstated.

*Incidents involving physical violence, verbal/nonverbal bias, and threatening language may be report to the Office of Student Accountability & Support for further review.



After each game, each team will be awarded a sportsmanship rating (0-4). This score will be determined by the referees and the supervisors based on the behaviors and actions of each team during the game.

Actions such as cursing, constant arguing officials calls, fighting, and/or any other actions that are determined to be unsportsmanlike will count against the team’s sportsmanship rating.

  • Conduct fouls (technical fouls, red/yellow cards, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties) will also deduct points from a team’s sportsmanship rating. However, technical fouls, cards, and penalties not determined to be conduct fouls (ex: illegal substitutions, improper equipment) will not usually result in deductions in sportsmanship unless it constantly occurs.

For teams to be eligible for playoffs, a team must have an average sportsmanship score of 3.0. Any team with a lower average may be deemed ineligible for playoff games. Teams in the playoffs must have a 3.0 sportsmanship rating each game to move on. If a team wins a game, but has a sportsmanship score lower than a 3.0 they will risk being ineligible to compete for the remainder of the playoffs and the losing team will take their spot in the bracket.

If a team is given a sportsmanship rating of a 2.0 or lower they will be placed on “probation” for the remainder of that sport season. They will risk being removed from the league if future issues arise.


  • A team that is unable to meet the minimum player requirement will forfeit the game. The game will be recorded as a loss, and the team will receive a sportsmanship rating of 0.
  • A team may contact the RecSports office 24 hours in advance if they cannot make a game. The game will be recorded as a default, and your team will be assessed a sportsmanship score of 0. (See default rules on the next page)
  • A team that wins a game by forfeit or default will receive a sportsmanship rating of 0.
  • Contests which are not rescheduled due to rainouts, poor field conditions, etc. – both teams will receive a 0 rating.
  • A team who forfeits twice (2) in a season will not be eligible for playoffs.

The sportsmanship rating scale will be as follows:

  • 4 – Good: A NORMAL flowing game. Some questioning of the officials’ calls and/or very few complaints. Some foul language not directed at opponents, teammates, or officials. No warnings are issued, and teams have been, for the majority of the game, well behaved to one another and the officials.
  • 3 – Moderate to Difficult: Teams or individuals repeatedly question the official and their judgment. A team or individual is unsportsmanlike to their opponent in terms of fair play or communication. Conduct violations occur during the game. If an unsportsmanlike penalty is assessed (U.C., Technical Foul, Yellow Card) a team cannot receive a score higher than 3.0. Exception: RecSports Leads/Officials have the ability to change sportsmanship ratings based on one individual player versus an entire team.
  • 2 – Poor: Multiple warnings are issued to a team or its players. An ejection may occur for an individual due to repeated warnings based on their sportsmanship (a red card, two technical fouls, continuous unsportsmanlike behavior, etc.). Harassment towards officials or supervisors is continuous and abusive.
  • 1 – Unacceptable (Ejections): Multiple ejections; verbal and abusive language towards officials, supervisors and/or participants; the game being forfeited or ended before its completion. Teams or individuals may be subject to removal from the league.
  • 0 – Fighting: Any physical confrontations between players or teams. This also includes threatening or assaulting an official or supervisor. Teams will be subject to removal from the league, and subject to the possibility of being banned from all Intramural competitions indefinitely.
Captains and Participant Responsibilities and Expectations



Each team should select a representative to act as the contact person with Mizzou RecSports. All matters affecting a team will be directed to this person and it will be his or her responsibility to communicate all information to team members. Mizzou RecSports regularly makes literature (information sheets, point standings, rules & policies, etc.) available to acquaint participants with all aspects of RecSports competition. No publications other than those issued by the Mizzou RecSports program are considered official.


  1. Pass Captain’s Quiz with 100%, failure to do so will result in loss of Sportsmanship Points.
  2. Ensure all teams are entered in the proper sport before the registration deadline.
  3. Notify team members of date, time, and location of all contests.
  4. Be familiar with all RecSports rules, policies, and sportsmanship procedures and ensure all team members comply accordingly.
  5. Captains are responsible for their team’s actions: This can include suspensions for team’s actions.
  6. Captains are also responsible for the actions of their team’s spectators.


Each participant is required to take a quiz designated for each sport they want to play. Participant quizzes are now used in place of captains meeting or captains only quizzes to ensure everyone playing a sport has received the information a captain is supposed to deliver to their team.

Spectator Policy


A spectator pass is available for nonmembers of MizzouRec to watch Intramural Sports games without purchasing a guest pass. Spectators are directed to enter the East entrance no more than 15 minutes before game time, required to be at least 18 years old, provide a photo ID with DOB on ID, and must exit the building within 15 minutes after participants game has ended. **Spectators are not eligible to utilize the facility and responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. The member is also responsible who their spectator’s actions and may be charged for use of guest pass if spectator doesn’t follow guidelines.

Spectators must be registered in advance. Here are the steps to get your spectator registered and entered into the building:

  1. Complete the Spectator registration Form at by 3pm on the day of the game, or by 3pm on Fridays for Sunday games. To complete the form you will need the following information:
  2. Spectator’s Name & Email
  3. Member’s Name
  4. Sport
  5. Team Name
  6. Date and Time of the Game
  7. Enter the building using the East entrance with the spectator and have them check in at the membership desk with a photo ID.
  8. Attend the game.
  9. Check out at the membership desk and exit the building through the East entrance.

Spectators not registered in advance will have to be registered via facility guest pass guidelines.

For more information or questions please contact or 573-882-4911.

Eligibility Guidelines


Eligible Participants

  • University of Missouri students with a  valid Student Recreation Complex Membership
  • University of Missouri faculty/staff with a  valid Student Recreation Complex Membership
  • Any other individual that possesses a valid Student Recreation Complex Membership

Playing on More Than One Team

An individual may participate on one team per league. Exception: If there is a Men’s A and Men’s B division for example, teams/players must choose 1 of these leagues to participate in. A male may participate on one Men’s A basketball team OR one Men’s B team, one CoRec team, and one open/ResHall team. They may NOT participate on two teams in the same league. For example, a female may not participate on two CoRec Flag Football teams. Once you have signed in to a game for a team, you many not switch to another team.

Signing In

Each player must be listed (first and last name) on the score sheet prior to his or her participation in a RecSports contest. All players should create a profile and join the team on to be listed on the roster. At each contest, the Mizzou Intramural Sports staff will require proof of Student Recreation Complex Membership by viewing that member’s Student ID or MizzouRec ID. Only Mizzou and MizzouRec IDs can be used when checking in players. Pictures of IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, social media pages, etc. will NOT be accepted. If the player does not have their ID, they can get another at the ID Center.

False Identification

If a participant tries to use another person’s Mizzou ID, it will be confiscated. The player and the owner of the ID will be suspended from IMleagues. Both people will need to meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator. A team playing a game with a player who uses an invalid or false ID will forfeit that game.  Both parties will be subject to disciplinary action by the University of Missouri.

Club Sports Members

A club sport member is defined as one who has practiced or played in a contest for that respective club during the past fall and spring semesters (one full year). Any player who starts the season as a club member and quits for any reason will still be considered a club member for the next two semesters (fall and spring). These restrictions apply to all open leagues and Greek teams who qualify for all campus championship games.

Only two (2) club members are allowed to participate on any same Intramural Sports team in a sport that relates to their club. (I.e. Volleyball club and Sand Volleyball)

Collegiate Athletes

Students who are on a varsity roster at a higher education institution (NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, NJCCA, etc.) are not eligible to compete in that Intramural Sport or related sport until two full semesters have passed (fall and spring) after they are no longer associated with the team.  Association shall include persons practicing or working out with the team whether they play or not. Students who try out for a varsity squad and are cut / quit are ineligible until they meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator for approval to compete.

Varsity Athletes in Related Sports

Current varsity athletes may participate in other Intramural Sports activities outside of their varsity sport. However, they may not participate in that sport or its related activity.

Professional Athlete

People who, for any form of compensation/income, compete or have competed in their sport or related Intramural Sport are ineligible.

Fraternity and Sorority Organizations

Members of fraternities and sororities who are officially registered with University of Missouri Greek Life (NOT SOCIAL AFFILIATES) are eligible to participate in the Greek Division. Rosters on file with University of Missouri Greek Life will serve as the official house rosters for Intramural Sports eligibility. It is the Greek organizations responsibility to ensure team members are eligible. Protests will be investigated by MizzouRec.

Eligibility of Opponents

When questioning the eligibility of an opponent it is mandatory for the protesting player(s)/team(s)/official(s) to “announce” those questions to the opposing designated captain AND game official(s) before the game is completed. If warranted, player(s)/team(s)/official(s) need to follow up with a written protest by scheduling a meeting with the Intramural Sports Coordinator within 24 hours of that Intramural Sports contest. The Mizzou Intramural Sports program reserves the right to handle eligibility violations without formal protest.



The maximum roster size for each sport offered by Intramural Sports is listed in the table below. In certain situations these maximums may be altered by authorization of the Intramural Sports administrative staff. Sports not listed will be set with a maximum roster size that is double the amount of player on the field/court for one team for that sport.

Sport Roster Max CoRec Leagues*
Basketball 10 10
Flag Football 14 16
Indoor Volleyball 12 12
Sand Volleyball 8 8
Soccer 14 16


Free Agents (Players Without A Team)


Want to play but don’t have a team? Well don’t go it alone!  Join our Free Agent Program.  If you unable to put a team together on your own:

  1. Attend the “Free Agents” meeting that will be held during the sign-up period for several of our league sports.  At this meeting teams can be put together for individuals that want to play.  The dates for these meetings can be found in the MizzouRec Nation Magazine, at the Intramural Sports Office or at .
  2. After the meeting, Free Agent team information will be available on our website or by contacting the Intramural Sports Office.  If you were unable to attend the Free Agent meeting simply contact one of the teams that were formed to join.
  3. You can register your information on our website under our Free Agents section.  Managers and other players can access this information and contact you to join a team.


*None of these steps are a guarantee that everyone will be placed on a team through the Free Agent Program.


Registration For Intramural Sports


Log on to to access the MizzouRec FUSION Portal. From there, you will click on the Intramural Sports link. Then, click the black button that reads “SSO/PawPrint” since you are a member of Mizzou. It should redirect you to the university log in page. Then, type in your 6 digit PawPrint and your university password. Once you have done that, you should click on the IMLeagues button. Once you have done this, you are logged in. If you have any problems or issues, please contact

Every sport is open for early “Waitlist” registration on beginning the first day of school. A captain can create and invite members to any team for any sport during the current semester. Invites must be accepted by teammates and will be sent to your university email address. Leagues will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, register your team on the Waitlist as early as possible!

A captain MUST add the minimum number of players to a Waitlist team on IMLeagues before they can pay and enter a time slot. Each sport has a minimum number of players that must be on a team. CoRec sports also have a minimum of how you identify that must be on a roster. You cannot pay or take a time slot in any sport until your team has the minimum amount of players on the roster. Check IMLeagues for minimum player requirements per league.

To accurately plan for all your team’s needs, choose several slots your team prefers to play. Remember, these times are available on a first come, first serve basis. Once a time is filled, it will be closed.

Leagues & Divisions Of Play


Leagues and tournaments are organized for men’s, women’s, residence hall (open), and co-rec competition. Divisions of play include Greek and Open Divisions for most league and tournament sports.  Any division (i.e. Greek & Open) may be combined to allow for greater participation and competition.

Many league sports are based on a four or five game regular season followed by a single elimination tournament (please see the playoff section of this handbook for further details). Some teams may receive fewer than five regular season games due to the number of teams enrolled, forfeits, defaults, and/or weather.

Individual and dual sports often consist of single elimination tournaments. Based on numbers, any divisions may be combined or divided into multiple brackets.

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