Valorant (Esports)

Club Description

Mizzou Valorant is an inclusive environment for students to play, improve, and have fun in Valorant while making new friends in the process. Mizzou Valorant will have online and in-person events such as LAN tournaments and will have multiple teams competing against other colleges online. Teams are separated based on overall skill and how often you would prefer to practice a week. There are two tiers of teams: Contender and Club. Contender teams require tryouts and typically play 2+ days a week, while Club teams have overall less commitment and no skill requirement. If you aren’t interested in playing, we have other positions available for coaching, managing, and content creation. 

Previous Accomplishments

Spring ’22 Club Gold 3rd Place Unified Ottawa LAN

Fall ’22 Club Gold 4th Place NECC Challengers Division Finals

Fall ’22 Club Gold 5th Place Unified St. Louis LAN

Fall ’22 Club Black 4th Place NACE Open Plus Division Finals


Membership Fees

Dues will be required by Contender teams only. This will help fund benefits reserved for Contender teams such as jerseys and pay for travel expenses for LANs.

Typical range: $20-$40 

Contact Information

Contact: Blake Kronsbein
Community Discord: