The Shotgun Club is a competitive shooting team that enters competitions where we shoot trap, skeet, sporting clays, and the variations of each event. We travel to other collegiate shoots around the Mid-West. The shoots that we usually attend are held over the weekends, and compete in at least three to five a semester. During the spring, ACUI Nationals is held at the end of March, which we encourage all of our shooters to attend. We do not have tryouts and accept shooters of all backgrounds who are willing to learn and attend competitions.

Membership Fees

Our club has an initial fee of $100 for dues. After the dues are paid you determine the other fees. This means you can shoot as little or as much as you like, the more you shoot the more you’ll spend on shells and targets. Dues will pay for your membership within our club, this allows you to purchase discounted shells, as well as reduced travel expenses. This membership fees also includes a membership to Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports. A membership here allows for a reduced price per round of clays.

Enrollment Period 

There are no tryouts to join the team, however shoot offs may be held prior to a competition to determine which shooters will attend if there’s a limited number of spots available. This rarely occurs, but is a way to keep things fair. All shoot offs are held at Prairie Grove during practice.


Practices are held at Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school semester. Times are flexible depending on class schedules. Practices also aren’t mandatory, but the more you shoot the better you’ll be!

Club History

The Mizzou Shotgun Club was reformed in 2002 by two incoming students Tyler Schwab and Travis Dye. Both had a competitive shooting background, and thought a shotgun team would be appealing to many students. With the help of Cedar Creek Rod and Gun Club owners Ralph and Mary Ann Gates the team had a base to start from, and a practice facility. Since 2002 when the team finished 8th at the collegiate championships, the team has finished no worse than sixth over the past nine years.


2022 Central Midwest Conference Championship: Classic All-Around Team Runner-Up

2022 Greater Midwest Super Shoot: Classic All-Around Team Runner-Up

2022 West Coast Conference Championship: All-Around Team, Men’s Classic All-Around – Jack Czeschin, 2nd place Women’s American Skeet, 3rd Place Women’s Super Sporting – Brystal Jones

2023 Eastern Conference Championship: Classic Overall Team, Men’s HOA, 3rd Place American Trap – Jack Czeschin, Women’s Classic All-Around – Taya Hale

2023 Miner Classic: Sporting Champion – Oliver Old, Women’s HOA – Brystal Jones, Skeet Champion – Michael Tran


Contact Information

President: Brystal Jones