Roller Hockey

Club Description

Our purpose is to organize the University of Missouri’s Roller Hockey community and to practice in and compete in an organized manner against each other and other universities.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are roughly $200 per semester; this pays for league dues, practices, team jerseys and pants for the player to keep, as well as any equipment for the club that may need to be purchased for the year i.e. pucks, water bottles, etc. If any extra travel is required for things such as nationals or other tournaments out of town this may be extra. *The membership dues are subject to change depending on number of players and fundraising completed during the year. It is our goal to make roller hockey as inexpensive for players as possible. Any potential players that are unsure about being able to afford to play are encouraged to contact the president to discuss possible accommodations.

Enrollment Period 

Enrollment practices are in early September and cost approximately $20

Practice Dates

TBD, typically in St. Louis


Dues are roughly $400 per player, but some travel expenses related to inter-regional play and nationals may be added if needed. However, this fee may fluctuate depending on the number of players. We try our best to make dues as affordable as possible.


The Mizzou Roller Hockey Club has qualified and attended the National Championship tournament at both the Division I and Division III level for the last four years.

Contact Information

Contact: Nick Mineo