Basketball – Men’s

Club Description

The purpose of our organization is to offer the chance of competitive play for student-athletes of non-varsity sports that wish to continue playing basketball in a competitive atmosphere.

Membership Fees

Approximately $200* per year. This year, the dues shall cover, jerseys, shoes, tournament fees, and hotel/travel fees.

*Subject to change. Dependent on the team, amount of players, and actual team travel expenses.


Brewer Fieldhouse Court 10 : TBD

 Additional tryouts may be necessary following this date.  Fall semester tryouts determine the roster for the entire school year (no spring semester tryouts will be offered).

Tryout fees will be $10 and will cover all tryout dates necessary.

Club Awards

The Mizzou Basketball Club Team is a former National Champion as well as 2016 Regional Champions and 2016 Top 5 Nationals finisher.

Contact Information

President: Andrew Pettus