Instructor Training Course members must adhere to all MizzouRec general facility guidelines and policies. Failure to comply with any MizzouRec policies could result in a range of disciplinary actions. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, however, singular offenses can be subject but not limited to verbal warnings and/or immediate removal or denial of entry to Instructor Training courses. Repeated offenses can be subject but not limited to written warnings, probationary periods, reimbursement for damages, and temporary or permanent suspension from all MizzouRec facilities/programs without refund. Additionally, depending upon severity of the situation, any violation of these rules could result in disciplinary action taken by the university, including the Office of Student Accountability and Care and MUPD.


  • Members must show proof of course enrollment prior to first day of course. Members may enroll up to 1 week after the course starts, but the responsibility of making up missed content is on the individual member.
  • Course enrollments are non-refundable & non-transferable.
  • MizzouRec reserves the right to cancel courses due to low enrollment.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, individuals are eligible to apply for our TigerX or Personal Training Position.
  • Successful completion of the course does not guarantee you a TigerX Position, you would still have to apply through our Team Mizzou Recruitment Process and interview and audition for a position.
  • Priority for hiring is given to TigerX Instructor candidates who can commit at least 3 academic semesters to teaching for the TigerX program.
  • If hired, TigerX instructors must be certified by a nationally recognized certification agency by the end of their first semester teaching.
  • The course is not a certification, nor for academic credit. Rather it prepares you to continue and prep for a National Certification.

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