What does a typical box class look like?

Our box class incorporates the BoxMaster®, an inventive boxing-style conditioning training system that caters to a wide spectrum of abilities and experience levels. The BoxMaster® replicates the function of a focused mitt to provide an authentic box training experience. A nationally-certified instructor will guide you through combinations on the BoxMaster®and teach new techniques. This class provides a high-energy circuit workout that incorporates interval training with a cardio and weight-training component off the BoxMaster® as well.

Who can use the space?

All Rec Fee paying students and MizzouRec members.

Where is the Boxing Gym?

Clark’s Boxing Gym is located in Downtown Brewer, in renovated service space next to zouLIFE. From either entrance, head downstairs to the court level and look for the sign! IMPORTANT NOTE: Member access to the space is through zouLIFE.

How do I access the Boxing Gym?

In order to best monitor the space and equipment, member access to the space is through zouLIFE. You must check-in at the desk in zouLIFE for both classes and open gym time. Sign up for boxing classes at services.mizzourec.com.

When is it open?

Members may access the space during open gym times and BoxMaster® Class times.