Arrival and Check-In

Enter the facility through the main entrance (located across from the Virginia Avenue Parking Garage). Upon entering the facility, immediately turn left and then proceed through the four Mizzou Aquatic Center mezzanine doors. Please do not attempt to enter the building through the Membership Desk.

As part of a new safety initiative, we are requiring all Tiger Swim participants, guardians, and guests to check in at our Tiger Swim kiosk located in the Mizzou Aquatic Center mezzanine with a valid photo ID.

A guardian must be present when checking-in your child at the Tiger Swim kiosk (*drop off without parent supervision is not permitted). Additionally, a parent/guardian must supervise his/her child during the entire lesson for safety purposes. If a parent or guardian is not present on deck during the participant’s class, he/she will not be allowed to continue with the lesson.

This process only takes a few minutes per group. Swim lessons check in will begin 20 min before the start of each class time. After all participants, guardians, and guests are checked in by our Tiger Swim staff, they may proceed to the 50M or Tiger Grotto pool deck.