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What were the goals and objectives of the entry? Who was your target audience? What were you trying to accomplish with this project?

To redesign and develop a high-functioning website, to meet the current demands of our student, member and participant populations. Our previous site was severely outdated in both look and functionality, so we had quite the list of ideas going into the project.

Briefly describe the project’s creative process. Did you have any limitations (e.g. budget, timeline, branding guidelines, technology issues)?

In 2011 we officially began the process of relaunching We had to go through the bidding process on the project and make several behind-the-scenes decisions regarding Facility Management Software and Content Management Software. The core design and production of the pages took place between July 2012 – March 2013, with minor adjustments due to functionality through the process of populating content taking place between March and final launch in August 2013.

What were the results? How were the objectives met? What tools or assessment criteria did you use to measure your results?

Phase I has been well-received by students, members, and our staff (who are now able to manage their site content directly). Our web traffic has increased and we are constantly adding new content and are able to use the site for a variety of supplemental needs (such as entering NIRSA Creative Excellence Awards)!

Who designed/created this entry? Include the name and title of each person, as well as a brief statement of their contributions.

DeltaSystems Group – website design, network integration, implemented custom post types and programmed WordPress to work as a tailored content management system.
Jennifer SerisCreative Production Manager –  project manager, design liaison, content editor
Veronica Morath, Graphic Designer – content editor