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What were the goals and objectives of the entry? Who was your target audience? What were you trying to accomplish with this project?

To produce a piece to accompany the celebration and presentation of the graduates from our student staff program, Team Mizzou. As the event honors the graduating students, the program is a record of the graduates and their role on Team Mizzou, graduation information and future plans.

Briefly describe the project’s creative process. Did you have any limitations (e.g. budget, timeline, branding guidelines, technology issues)?

The students’ information rarely is all in by deadline, so it’s often sent to print at the last minute, but otherwise it’s one of the more creative, standalone pieces we do.

What were the results? How were the objectives met? What tools or assessment criteria did you use to measure your results?

The program matches the e-vite and the students’ name tags at the event, so visually they know it’s been made for them to look and and take home. We make enough for all attendees and only bring a few back at the end of the event.

Who designed/created this entry? Include the name and title of each person, as well as a brief statement of their contributions.

Veronica Morath, Graphic Designer :: design and layout