Large Scale Signage

What were the goals and objectives of the entry? Who was your target audience? What were you trying to accomplish with this project?

To create a dynamic and exciting experience in a space that experiences a variety of traffic intensities. From regular lap swimmers to large scale swim meets, we wanted to make a more spirited space.

Briefly describe the project’s creative process. Did you have any limitations (e.g. budget, timeline, branding guidelines, technology issues)?

We were able to use our full staff training day to set up the shot in the space (the bleachers right below the wall on which the photos were eventually installed) with our 300+ students. We outsourced the photo stitching and product installation to the vendor who came in with the right bid.

What were the results? How were the objectives met? What tools or assessment criteria did you use to measure your results?

The space is much more animated and has a more exciting feel overall. As the home of Mizzou Swimming & Diving, the teams and their supporters also enjoy the addition to the space. Those touring the Mizzou Aquatic Center also notice and comment, even from the vantage point in the mezzanine, several yards away.

Who designed/created this entry? Include the name and title of each person, as well as a brief statement of their contributions.

Diane Dahlmann, Director :: Art Direction and project initiator
Jennifer Seris and Carrie Steuber :: Project Coordinators (Creative Production Manager and Assistant Director of Facilities)
Andrew Schriver and Justin Yang :: Photographers