Personal Trainer

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A MizzouRec personal trainer is responsible for designing individualized exercise programs for clients, as well as leading them through the program safely and effectively. They will coach, inspire and motivate clients to reach mutually established goals; perform fitness assessments and evaluations; deliver a positive fitness experience for members and clients; and develop training sessions based on clients’ history and future goals. Additionally, they will be required to participate in leading boot camps as necessary. To appropriately perform job duties, individual must possess excellent communication, organizational, and time-management skills. It is required to have knowledge of basic anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, program-design, periodization, and exercise equipment. 

Completion of the MizzouRec Personal Trainer Prep Course or national certification is preferred to apply. Must obtain and maintain national certification as well as CPR/AED certified during the course of the position.

Duties Include (but not limited to)

  • Schedule and perform Personal Fitness Assessments with potential clients to determine their fitness level, health conditions, personal goals, abilities, etc. Based on client’s goals develop a personalized training programs adhering to basic scientific principles. Review program with client, explaining in detail exercises, providing alternatives, if needed. Provide education on safe and proper use of fitness equipment. Monitor clients progress towards goals and adjust program as needed. Maintain accurate client records.
  • Assist with programming and instruction for the Boot Camp Group Fitness Program.
  • Ensure the safety of those in and around the facility. Be prepared to act quickly to potential hazards, especially in time of emergency. Maintain knowledge and consistently enforce the rules and regulations within the MizzouRec facility. Complete an incident/accident report for all incidents using established guidelines. Immediately communicate unsafe, broken or dysfunctional equipment to appropriate staff.
  • Aid in preventative maintenance and cleaning of the MizzouRec Facility. Ensure personal training suite and office are kept neat and equipment is put away after each session.
  • Assist with marketing efforts to promote MizzouRec Personal Training and fitness programs.
  • Using established protocols, ensure appropriate communication occurs with coworkers, Leads, and Coordinators.
  • Attend all program specific in-service trainings, as well as department staff meetings.
  • As with all positions, involvement with other duties and responsibilities is expected in order to serve the customer and maintain our MizzouRec mission.

Application Attachments:
Examples of attachments to upload as part of step 3 of the online application. 

  • Class Schedule
  • Resume and/or Cover letter (suggested, not required)
  • Reference letter(s) (suggested, not required)
  • Copy of certification(s) (if applicable)