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QUIZ: Which TigerX class should you try during Maximum Participation?

Looking for extra motivation this month? We’re here to help!

TigerX is hosting Maximum Participation throughout October to help you reach your fitness goals and integrate an “all-in” energy into classes.  During this month, members will receive DOUBLE PERKVILLE POINTS for signing up and attending classes. Additionally, get bonus points for our 8 highlighted classes this semester!

  • Ballet Boot Camp
  • Endurance Cycling
  • Knockout
  • Meditative Yoga
  • Piyo
  • Pilates Plus
  • Sunrise Cycle
  • Zumba

Wondering which class to try? Take this quick quiz for some ideas!

  1. What’s your main objective during exercise? 

    1. Burn baby, burn!
    2. Drippin’ sweat
    3. Relaxed and limber
    4. Strong and collected
  2. What do you prefer to incorporate into your workout?

    1. A bicycle!
    2. Nothin’ but me
    3. My trusty mat
    4. Anything and everything I can find!
  3. What is your ideal exercise atmosphere?

    1. Hardcore jams
    2. One big party!
    3. I prefer peace and quiet
    4. I’m open to anything
  4. What motivates you to keep going?

    1. I’m all about the music
    2. Accountability with other members
    3. It’s all me, baby
    4. Friendly encouragement from my instructor
  5. What class style do you most prefer?

    1. Fast and furious — I’m here to push through!
    2. I like following set choreography
    3. Self-paced, with gentle flows
    4. I want something new every time, as long as each move is explained individually


You’re a boss at pushing through those tough cardio workouts, and #pumpupjamsonly, please. Endurance cycling, sunrise cycling and Knockout might be your new best friends!


Dynamic, pre-choreographed classes were made for you, so you should try Zumba, endurance cycling and PiYo!


Kudos to you for your major intrinsic motivation! Classes like Pilates Plus and meditative yoga will allow you to build strength, focus your mind and deepen your flexibility, all while listening to your body and going at your own pace.


You like your workouts to be a bit of a wild card and love shaking things up with different equipment and unique exercises! You should def give Pilates plus and Ballet Boot Camp a try.


Check out more information on all listed classes and more on our website, and reserve your spot in a class today!

Are You Ready to Sweat? Bring a Friend Week is October, 1-7!

Fitness Program Members — Bring a Friend Week is almost here!

By Megan Bartolac

This is an excellent opportunity to grab a friend, roommate, sibling, classmate or any other member of MizzouRec and show them your favorite fitness class for FREE!

Here’s the low-down on the steps to take in order for your friend to be all set for their first Bring a Friend Week class:

Step 1: Have your friend download the MizzouRec More app and log in with their student email.

Step 2: Tell them to click on the Menu button (three white lines) in the top left corner of the home screen and scroll down to “Buy Services.”

Step 3: Next, they will find the fitness program you two are planning on attending (TigerX, Lifeworks Dance, Clark’s Boxing Gym) and select “Bring a Friend Week 2018”.  This will highlight the button. Then, your friend will click the yellow “Buy Services” button at the bottom of the page.  (Don’t worry, remind them it’s free!)

Step 4: Finally, click “check out” on the following page. Now you two are ready to sweat it out!

Here’s a few more tips so you can Bring a Friend Week like a pro:

Class enrollment begins a full day in advance. Within this time period, both you and your friend should enroll in the class under the “Fitness” tab in the MizzouRec More app.

Looking to plan ahead? The class schedule is available on the MizzouRec More app, or on our websiteEach room’s schedule is also posted directly outside of each door.

Bring a Friend passes are only valid from Feb. 19-25. If your pals love the classes they take during Bring a Friend Week, it’s never too late to purchase a TigerX, Lifeworks Dance or Clarks Boxing Gym pass. They can even save some cash by bundling their TigerX membership when purchasing a fall/spring pass.

Your friend must be a current MizzouRec member.

See you in the classroom!

Family Weekend 2017

We know it’s always a good time when the fam is reunited. Here are a few ways to make the most of some time with your family at MizzouRec during Family Weekend (Friday, Sept. 15 & Sunday, Sept. 17)

First things first, MizzouRec members can bring their parents or legal guardians into the facility at no charge. Head to the Member and Guest Services desk at the Southeast Entrance, and make sure they’ve got a valid photo ID.


Just want to tour? (All the “oohs and ahhs”…)

Tours will begin every 20 minutes and showcase the entire facility.

Friday 12 PM-6:20 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM-5:20 PM

  1. Arrive with your group (all ages welcome) to our Southeast Entrance on Hitt Street.
  2. Let our Member & Guest Services staff know you’re interested in a tour and how many people are in your group.
  3. Take a 20 minute tour with our Team Mizzou members guiding your experience.
  4. At the end of the tour, you will be able to exit out of the Southeast Entrance.


Want to get a work out in? (or float in Truman’s Pond?)

Parents, guardians and siblings are invited to utilize the facility with their student during family weekend.

Friday 5:30 AM-7:00 PM • family members of all ages are welcome as part of our Family Night program. Last entry 6:30 PM.
Sunday 12:00 PM-5:00 PM • family members must be 18 years or older to utilize the facility. Last entry 4:30 PM.

  • Arrive with your family members to our Southeast Entrance on Hitt Street.
  • All adult family members with your party must present a photo ID to the membership staff at Member & Guest Services.
  • The staff will register all of your no-charge family members.
  • All family members must be accompanied at all times by their student while utilizing MizzouRec.
  • Family members are not eligible to check out equipment. However, the sponsoring student may do so for you with their MU ID card.



Friday 5:30 AM–7 PM • Saturday CLOSED • Sunday 12–10 PM

Additional Family Weekend events can be found here:






SUMMER MEMBERSHIP: TigerX, Scroggs Peak and Clark’s Boxing Gym

The best part of your summer is about to begin. Summer memberships for TigerX, Scroggs Peak and Clark’s Boxing Gym are now available!


This summer, let TigerX classes be your go-to fitness routine.

Purchase a summer membership for $33 or one class passes for $9 each. Classes run from June 5 to July 28, so hurry over to zouLIFE and buy a membership before you register for classes on the MizzouRec More app. Maximum Participation: Attend 12 classes each month (June & July) and get 40 bonus Perkville points!

The mountain is calling…

With a $10 summer pass, you can climb Scroggs Peak to your heart’s content. The climbing wall is open from 2-7 PM every Tuesday and Thursday. The pass runs from May 22 to July 27, and, after a short facility closure, resumes August 15-17. Head over to Scroggs Peak and Brewer Butte during climbing hours to participate in a short (and free!) Climbing 101 class before you purchase your pass in zouLIFE.

Our boxing gym is top-notch. Here’s the one-two punch:

Classes and open gym run from June 5 to July 28, so head to zouLIFE to purchase a membership for $29.Maximum Participation: Attend 10 BoxMaster® classes each month (June & July) and get 40 bonus Perkville points!, which can be used towards all kinds of cool rewards. Make class reservations using the MizzouRec More app!

Happy Fitness Program-ing!

**No classes are offered while the facility is closed July 1-4 and July 30-August 13.

Spring Roar Recap

A night to celebrate our outstanding Team Mizzou students.

Every year, Spring Roar celebrates the hard work and achievements of Team Mizzou, the student employees who help make MizzouRec magical. On May 5, Team Mizzou members from all areas (from Aquatics to zouLIFE to Frontline to Events to Creative…the list goes on) and Professional Staff members gathered at the Columns Club at Memorial Stadium for a night of friends, food, awards and a special surprise.

(BTW…all of these awesome pictures and more are on our Facebook page!)

The (new) venue.

Hello, Faurot. This year, Spring Roar was hosted at the Columns Club in Memorial Stadium.

The food. Enough said.

From hors d’oeuvres to the candy bar to dinner to dessert…seriously: no words needed.

The awards.

We don’t call it a Celebration of Excellence for nothing. Team Mizzou members must have worked 192 hours and have a JPA (Job Performance Average) of 2.7 in order to be eligible for an invitation. This year, more than 300 of our 400+ members qualified to attend. You can get the low-down on all of our awards and recipients here.

The surprise.

At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, Team Mizzou members were escorted to the Mizzou home locker room and had the unexpected thrill of ending the evening in true Tiger style…tunnel run, smoke machine, fireworks and checking that “kiss the 50 yard line” item off the bucket list.

Thanks for a wonderful year, Team Mizzou! It was truly excellent.