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Valentine’s Partner Workout

Love is in the air this month! Valentine’s Day is coming up and we wanted to provide you with a workout you could turn into a romantic date or just do with your swolemate! Two is better than one when it comes to these exercises so grab your sweetheart OR friend and head to MizzouRec! We included some pictures and gifs to help give you a visual! (Make sure to warm up before starting these exercises by taking a lap around the track or doing some dynamic stretching.)


Medicine Ball Sit-Ups

  • First grab a medicine ball (not too heavy) and face your workout buddy. While holding the ball, do a sit up and then pass the ball to your partner!



Fist Bump Push-Ups

  • You and your partner will get in push-up position facing each other. Go down, come back up and then fist bump! Repeat as many times as you can!



Lunge with Medicine Ball Pass

  • Make sure to have some space in between you and your partner for this one! Step into a lunge and then pass the medicine ball to your partner. After your partner catches the ball, they will do a lunge and pass it back!

IMG_6515.jpg       IMG_6518.jpg


Squatting Ball Pass

  • Get back to back with your partner and hold a squat. One of you will start with the medicine ball then rotate and hand it off to your partner. Make sure you stay in the squat position the whole time.



Wheelbarrow Push Up and Squat!

  • Remember wheelbarrow races when you were younger? This exercise is similar. The partner holding the ankles will do a squat every time the other partner goes in for a push-up!  



Extra Tip: These exercises are more effective with proper partner motivation so be sure to encourage each other!