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How To Set Up Your Bike In Tiger Lair



If you’re a TigerX cycling aficionado, you may have noticed some new gear in Tiger Lair this semester.

After consulting with our super knowledgable TigerX cycling instructors and getting member feedback, we decided it was time for a big-time equipment upgrade. Our new Schwinn bikes are pretty to look at — and we hear they work pretty well, too. Instructor Evan Jenkins let us know what’s up with the new bikes.

One of the biggest new features is the power component, which tracks how much energy you output. Now, the focus of your workout isn’t on distance or calories — it’s all about your effort and power.

“The power feature is a good way to check your effort level during class,” said Evan. “Since I have a background in outdoor cycling, it makes the class more realistic to riding outside.”

The new bikes also get an A+ for seat comfort, but that’s not the only other upgrade. “Some positive feedback I’ve gotten is that [members] enjoy the handlebars and how they give more options for hand placement,” said Evan.

Ready to see our new bikes in action? Check out this video and Evan will show you how to set up your ride. 

Wanna try one out for yourself? Reserve your spot in a TigerX cycling class today! The schedule is on our website, and online reservations are a breeze when you visit You can also visit Open Gym — from 12:30-3:30 PM on Monday-Friday, we’re giving you an all-access pass to try out your own workouts in Tiger Lair.



Finals Week Workout Playlist




With all that other work you have goin’ on, there’s probably not much time to research the best workout tunes for when you’re blowing off steam — so we did it for you! Whether you’re running on Stankowski Field or using our brand new, state-of-the-art StairMaster Gauntlets in the Cardio Gallery, this playlist is bound to motivate you through your final stretch.

Let us know if we missed any songs you love! Happy studying. ????

The Overlooked Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Katie, one of our massage therapists, wants to clear something up: Massages are relaxing, but that’s not all they’re about.

But first, a little bit about Katie.

Katie has been a massage therapist for three years and comes to MizzouRec from University of Michigan, where she did massage therapy for student athletes.

She had a really bad knee injury in high school and started going to therapy, where she met a massage therapist who talked to her about alternatives to surgery. Because of the massage therapy she received, Katie didn’t have to have surgery. That’s when learned about the health benefits of massage, and realized she wanted to become a massage therapist so she could help others in a similar way.

Also, she loves playing soccer and one of her favorite things to do in Columbia so far is play pickup games on Stankowski (which just makes our hearts flutter). Also, her last name is Peacock and her favorite animal is a peacock so it’s perfect.


So, what are some health benefits of massage? 

Massage is not just about relaxation. It’s about keeping up with your health, and there are so many benefits: recovering, well being, stress relief … it’s good for reducing swelling and increasing blood flow. In the college setting stress is big, and it’s based on a lack of oxygen to the brain. Massage increases blood flow, which calms the nervous system and helps you think more clearly.

A big misconception about massage is that it’s tooty fruity and a luxury thing. The health benefits of it aren’t taken very seriously … It’s not just about relaxation, it’s about keeping up with your health.

How frequently would you recommend massages?

If it’s to remedy an injury, set up a plan with a massage therapist. If it’s for relaxation, once a month. Relaxation massage is good for people who just want to relieve some stress, while deep tissue is more for athletes or people who work out a lot and need to relieve muscle soreness.

Have questions about massage therapy? Tweet or email Katie at!