Why Work at MizzouRec?

We think a better question would be why NOT work at MizzouRec. Aside from being a nationally ranked recreational facility, MizzouRec has a lot to offer its student employees.


Personal and Professional Development

MizzouRec will actually pay for any of its employees to attend educational talks, forums, and leadership conferences, and personal and professional development lectures. Usually participants have to pay to reserve their spot in these events, but that is not the case for Team Mizzou employees! MizzouRec wants to help you develop your personal and professional skills.


Scholarships and Celebrations

At the end of the year MizzouRec hosts its cherished tradition, Spring Roar. Everyone gets dressed up in their business best for a night of fun. At this event scholarships are awarded to lucky Team Mizzou members as well as awards to honor our outstanding staff. This is event is definitely a highlight of everyone’s time at MizzouRec.


Cross Utilization

Better known as crossU, MizzouRec gives you opportunities to work in different areas of the rec. If you get hired as Frontline and you want to work RecSports, you have opportunities to do that! We have team members who work in many different areas of the rec.


Opportunities for Growth

There are a lot of internal organizations to be a part of that help you grow within MizzouRec. You can become a lead in your area to gain more leadership experience. We have a fun opportunity for our Team Mizzou members to be a part of our Selection Team which performs first round interviews for potential Team Mizzou members. This is a great way to enhance your own interview skills. TMAC is another awesome opportunity to grow and expand your reach at MizzouRec.


Team Mizzou Perks

As Team Mizzou members you get free guest passes as well as free TigerX  on select days during the month. There is also a Team Mizzou Appreciation week which usually includes coffee, snacks, and other fun stuff that shows our apprecriation for our awesome Team Mizzou members!


Flexible Scheduling

At MizzouRec, we know school comes first. So our pro staff does a great job of scheduling around all your classes.


On Campus 

MizzouRec is right on campus! Walk from your res hall or right after class. It is a perfect location and super convenient.


Team Mizzou HQ

We have an awesome space for our Team Mizzou Members to hang out before or after shifts. Stop in between classes for free printing and a napping area for those extra hard days. HQ also houses lockers for all your stuff while you’re on shift. There is also an HQ kitchen so you can whip up some food after class before your shift. Its pretty neat!