Team Mizzou Profile: Lizzy Dreifuss

Lizzy Dreifuss

Lizzy has worked at MizzouRec for nearly 4 years now. She knows this place like the back of her hand to say the least! Lizzy is majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences and plans to attend graduate school here at the University of Missouri in the fall! She loves the beach and above all, breakfast food.


Why is MizzouRec important to you?

“MizzouRec has not only given me life long skills professionally, but through my time working for the rec I have gained and irreplaceable family through Team Mizzou (MizzouRec employees). I have been challenged here personally, physically and mentally in so many ways that will benefit my college career and life in general!”


What does Lizzy do at MizzouRec?

Lizzy works as a zouLIFE lead so she is the one to go to for all things zouLIFE. She makes sure zouLIFE Spa is running smoothy and members leave relaxed and happy. She is also on Selection Team which means she conducts interviews with potential Team Mizzou members to see if they are the right fit for the job. We are not done yet, she is also a bronzing specialist and does a fantastic job making people look perfectly sun kissed. Finally, Lizzy also is a part of TMAC (Team Mizzou Advisory Committee) where her, along with members from every area of Team Mizzou, discuss ways to enhance Team Mizzou and the Rec.


What about zouLIFE is important to you?

“Students well-being is very important. zouLIFE is a relaxing place where people can come to pamper themselves. This helps relieve stress from school and life in general. Another favorite part of zouLIFE is personal training which helps students get more involved in their own fitness journey and I love that we are able to offer that to students.”


It’s hard to imagine Lizzy having any free time with four different positions at MizzouRec. She says “it’s funny because people say I live at the Rec, but when I am not here I am binge watching Netflix shows or just hanging with friends.” We are thankful to have Team Mizzou members like Lizzy making MizzouRec a great place for everybody!