QUIZ: Which TigerX class should you try during Maximum Participation?

Looking for extra motivation this month? We’re here to help!

TigerX is hosting Maximum Participation throughout October to help you reach your fitness goals and integrate an “all-in” energy into classes.  During this month, members will receive DOUBLE PERKVILLE POINTS for signing up and attending classes. Additionally, get bonus points for our 8 highlighted classes this semester!

  • Ballet Boot Camp
  • Endurance Cycling
  • Knockout
  • Meditative Yoga
  • Piyo
  • Pilates Plus
  • Sunrise Cycle
  • Zumba

Wondering which class to try? Take this quick quiz for some ideas!

  1. What’s your main objective during exercise? 

    1. Burn baby, burn!
    2. Drippin’ sweat
    3. Relaxed and limber
    4. Strong and collected
  2. What do you prefer to incorporate into your workout?

    1. A bicycle!
    2. Nothin’ but me
    3. My trusty mat
    4. Anything and everything I can find!
  3. What is your ideal exercise atmosphere?

    1. Hardcore jams
    2. One big party!
    3. I prefer peace and quiet
    4. I’m open to anything
  4. What motivates you to keep going?

    1. I’m all about the music
    2. Accountability with other members
    3. It’s all me, baby
    4. Friendly encouragement from my instructor
  5. What class style do you most prefer?

    1. Fast and furious — I’m here to push through!
    2. I like following set choreography
    3. Self-paced, with gentle flows
    4. I want something new every time, as long as each move is explained individually


You’re a boss at pushing through those tough cardio workouts, and #pumpupjamsonly, please. Endurance cycling, sunrise cycling and Knockout might be your new best friends!


Dynamic, pre-choreographed classes were made for you, so you should try Zumba, endurance cycling and PiYo!


Kudos to you for your major intrinsic motivation! Classes like Pilates Plus and meditative yoga will allow you to build strength, focus your mind and deepen your flexibility, all while listening to your body and going at your own pace.


You like your workouts to be a bit of a wild card and love shaking things up with different equipment and unique exercises! You should def give Pilates plus and Ballet Boot Camp a try.


Check out more information on all listed classes and more on our website, and reserve your spot in a class today!