Are You Ready to Sweat? Bring a Friend Week is October, 1-7!

Fitness Program Members — Bring a Friend Week is almost here!

By Megan Bartolac

This is an excellent opportunity to grab a friend, roommate, sibling, classmate or any other member of MizzouRec and show them your favorite fitness class for FREE!

Here’s the low-down on the steps to take in order for your friend to be all set for their first Bring a Friend Week class:

Step 1: Have your friend download the MizzouRec More app and log in with their student email.

Step 2: Tell them to click on the Menu button (three white lines) in the top left corner of the home screen and scroll down to “Buy Services.”

Step 3: Next, they will find the fitness program you two are planning on attending (TigerX, Lifeworks Dance, Clark’s Boxing Gym) and select “Bring a Friend Week 2018”.  This will highlight the button. Then, your friend will click the yellow “Buy Services” button at the bottom of the page.  (Don’t worry, remind them it’s free!)

Step 4: Finally, click “check out” on the following page. Now you two are ready to sweat it out!

Here’s a few more tips so you can Bring a Friend Week like a pro:

Class enrollment begins a full day in advance. Within this time period, both you and your friend should enroll in the class under the “Fitness” tab in the MizzouRec More app.

Looking to plan ahead? The class schedule is available on the MizzouRec More app, or on our websiteEach room’s schedule is also posted directly outside of each door.

Bring a Friend passes are only valid from Feb. 19-25. If your pals love the classes they take during Bring a Friend Week, it’s never too late to purchase a TigerX, Lifeworks Dance or Clarks Boxing Gym pass. They can even save some cash by bundling their TigerX membership when purchasing a fall/spring pass.

Your friend must be a current MizzouRec member.

See you in the classroom!