Workouts You Can Do In Stalcup’s Garage

If some or all of the functional fitness equipment in Stalcup’s Garage is unfamiliar to you, it’s OK and you’re not alone!

To take you through the basics, Rachael, one of our personal trainers, demonstrates a few exercises you can do with each piece of equipment.

Stalcup’s has TRX Suspension Training systems, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, dip bars and battle ropes that can all help you improve your strength, stability, endurance and flexibility. We have open gym hours, personal training (with awesome trainers like Rachael!), Boot Camps, and TigerX classes that can all help you get more comfortable working out in this space so that you can see the benefits.


Rachael Rogers, Personal Trainer, zouLIFE, certified staff, team mizzou,

Rachael R.

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, CPR Certified

Rachael graduated with a healthy science degree and is currently applying to physical therapy school. She’s involved at her church and mentors underclassmen through Veritas campus ministry. She loves lifting, running and spending time outdoors with her friends.

Fun fact: “I shamelessly sing in the shower.”

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