What the Rec?! : Masters Swimming Edition


Looking to get more out of your swimming experience in the 50M pool?

We’ve designed a Masters Swimming program that can improve your swimming capabilities despite your starting skill level!

What the Rec is Masters Swimming?

The Masters Swim Program is designed for the lap swimmer looking for a challenge, a triathlete looking for a change in pace in their workouts, or a past competitor looking for a way to stay in shape. The Masters Program is available to all members regardless of age or speed.

aquaticscenter“Masters swimming is a program we offer to provide a structured practice for those seeking a challenge, changes in workouts, or ways for individuals to stay in shape,” said Aquatics Coordinator Christina Rial. “Members find the program useful as a way to be held accountable and be challenged with a workout they wouldn’t normally create on their own. The coaches not only provide a workout but they are also there to work on fine tuning technique and working to provide each swimmer with a more efficient stroke. I believe some enjoy the camaraderie of working out with others that have the same interest and can challenge each other as well.”

Masters Swim features structured practices providing a positive environment, a coached practice, instruction in both water and on dry land, and a great social outlet for all involved. Practices are located in the 50M pool.

Who can sign up? 


“Our Masters Swim Program is open to all members of any age (18+),” Rial said. “You don’t have to be an elite swimmer to be in this program. It is open to swimmers of any speed.”

When and where does Masters Swimming meet? 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30PM -7PM

Saturday 12PM-1:30PM

Occasionally throughout the semester, classes will be cancelled due to competitions in the 50M and conflicts with the University schedule. To view those dates, please visit our Masters Swimming page. Though the two weeks of free trial Masters Swimming classes has passed, it’s not too late to sign up for the regular session or get involved this summer!

What else should I know? 

In order to participate in our Masters Swim program, all participants must purchase the following: $75 semester fee AND have an active MU Student Recreation Complex membership.
Visit the Aquatics office with any questions you may have or to sign up for the Masters Swim Program.

Visit our Masters Swimming page for more information!