Here Are Some Answers To FAQs About zouLIFE Waxing

Wondering if waxing is right for you? We met with zouLIFE esthetician Chelsey to ask the questions you’ve been wanting to know.

My razor works just fine. What are the added benefits of waxing?

It lasts longer than shaving, and you’ll have less irritation (it helps with that.) Waxing is more precise. It’s more precise than tweezing brows. It helps hair grow back slower and usually finer, so not as coarse. It rips hair out from the follicle, whereas with shaving you’re just getting the surface; shaving is not actually pulling the hair all the way out.

Does it hurt?

The wax that we use here is really good at grabbing the hair and not the skin, so there’s no issue with a burn or tearing the skin. Our wax is great for people with sensitive skin. People who get it done always say,  “Oh that wasn’t that bad!” Sure, it depends on where the waxing is done– bikini and underarm are pretty sensitive. But overall the wax we use does a good job of making it as painless as possible.

What are my options?

Pretty much anything can be waxed in zouLIFE! For a full list of choices, check out this waxing page.

Is it weird with the esthetician during the wax?

Absolutely not! Our estheticians are well trained professionals who have tons of experience doing all kinds of waxes. They wax so many people in a day that it’s not awkward for them at all 🙂

What if I only want minimal hair taken off?

That’s totally fine! Speak up and be honest with your esthetician. They want you to leave happy and only to take off as much as you’re comfortable with. Often times, they’ll let you look in a mirror during the appointment, and you can always ask for them to take more off.

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