Team Mizzou Profile: Evan Cobb


Evan Cobb • Multimedia Specialist 

Evan is a second-year photojournalism graduate student from Minnesota. He’s been a part of Team Mizzou since April 2016. You can find him taking pictures for the Missourian or maybe at Tiger Grotto. Meet Evan! 

What do you do at MizzouRec? 

I work on the Creative team, and my job involves filming a variety of videos that will published on MizzouRec’s social media channels or on the blog. I edit those videos and work with other creative team members to develop the MizzouRec brand. 

What are you doing when you’re not at the Rec?

Currently I’m in the masters of journalism program at the journalism school and I’m in my second year. A lot of my classes are more hands on–you know, creating creating content for the Missourian or just working on my own stories in addition to the classroom. I also work as a teaching assistant. 

Why did you decide to apply for this job?

I came to photography and videography after my undergraduate career. I really felt like I needed to get more hands-on experience to increase my skill set. And I come to MizzouRec a lot for recreational activities. Imagine that, you know basketball, Tiger Grotto, working out. It just seemed like a really good fit because this is a place I’m familiar with and I can work on my skills too. It was very natural. 

What traits make for a good Multimedia Specialist?

I think flexibility is a big one. Being able to go back and reevaluate yourself and your partner’s work, and not being overly critical but constructive. It’s a lot of different skills, but listening and working closely with someone else is important. 

Tell us a fun fact. 

I’m going to give you a real simple one here. I lived in Cambodia from 2012 to 2014  and worked through the Peace Corps teaching English.

So you’re graduating in the near future. How do you think your experience at MizzouRec will help you in the professional world? 

I think, you know, a big one is the creative team. A lot of photo agencies work in teams. They have four or five photographers and videographers all working together to create content. Then other people in the team will redistribute it. So working on a creative team has been a great experience: learning how it operates and being able to bounce ideas off one another and work more for a common goal rather than an individual goal.