How to Earn Perkville Points, told by GIFs

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve introduced lots of new ~technology~ to the Rec recently.

You can read about the updates here, but tl;dr — online booking for zouLIFE spa services, paperless TigerX passes, online registration for courses and boot camps……the list goes on.

Did you know that you can get rewarded for the things you do every day at MizzouRec?

That’s where Perkville comes in — it’s a point system that rewards you every time you attend a TigerX class, visit zouLIFE for a spa service and interact with MizzouRec on Facebook and Twitter. Points can be redeemed on zouLIFE discounts, TigerX one class passes and more!

To set up your Perkville account, launch the MizzouRec More app on your smartphone. Under the menu, Select “Perkville.” Here, you can check your balance and see how many more points you need to redeem a reward.


10 ways to earn Perkville points (as told by GIFs)

  1. Literally just join the rewards program.

    We get it, school is hard — you deserve a little somethin’ just for showing up. You’ll automatically receive 25 points when you sign in with your student email on the MizzouRec more app!


  2. Scale a mountain (wall).

    Ready to put that climbing pass to good use? You’ll earn points every time you make it to open gym, which is every Monday-Friday from 2-8 PM. (More info on Scroggs Peak and Brewer Butte on our website.)


  3. Turn another year older.

    Go shawty, it’s ya birthday — here’s 15 points, just for being born.


  4. Treat yo’ self in zouLIFE.

    And you thought feeling pampered and relaxed was the only benefit! We’ll match very dollar you spend in zouLIFE with 1 point.


  5. TigerX to your heart’s content.

    Get your groove on in Zumba, relax in Stress Reduction Yoga or sweat it out in Pump…you’ll earn points every time you attend a class (and you can reserve your spot online!).


  6. Let your friends know you’re here.

    Workout selfies encouraged but not required. We’ll give you 5 points for checking in on Facebook the next time you’re at the Rec for a Pump Room sesh.


  7. Book a service from the comfort of your home.

    Because online booking is the best thing that’s ever happened to us. When you use the MizzouRec More app (or go online to to schedule a zouLIFE spa service or save your spot in a TigerX class, you’ll earn 2 points. (But you have to actually show up to get ’em! Yep, the system is that smart.)
    *Bonus: book three times in a week? We’ll reward you with 15 points.


  8. Channel your inner Rocky in a Clark’s Boxing Gym class.

    2 points for every class you attend sure packs a punch. More info on Clark’s semester memberships here!


  9. Tweet @MizzouRec…and give us a follow while you’re at it.

    In case you haven’t noticed, we *love* social media around here. Follow us on Twitter for 10 points and tweet at us for 5 points — we love interacting with you on social media and will probably respond with an animal GIF (#winning).


  10. Purchase a TigerX Membership

    1 point for every dollar spent on a membership? We’ll do the math for you…that’s 53 points when you buy a semester pass. Boom.