Exciting Changes to our TigerX Program!

This fall, we debuted an awesome online system for booking spa services, reserving TigerX classes and more. 

This proved to be a great way to keep track of all of the MizzouRec things while giving you more access to your information (what time did I reserve a bike in that cycling class, again?). If you want to learn more about MizzouRec’s online services, check out this blog post outlining the new features.  

This spring, we’re upping our tech game even more.

Beginning spring 2017, TigerX passes will link exclusively to your MizzouRec online account. Instead of purchasing a paper TigerX pass (that you’ll inevitably lose right before your favorite Zumba class), your semester membership will be virtually tied to your account. While there are some advantages on our part for doing things differently, we think you’re going to love the switch! 


No more paper TigerX passes.

We heard you — keeping track of that paper TigerX pass was, well…a hassle. You should be focused on getting your TigerX on, not fumbling around with all of your belongings just to get into a class. Now, all you need is your  student IDyour instructor will be waiting to verify student ID at the door for easy access to your favorite TigerX classes.

Reserve ALL of your TigerX classes online.

In the past, only certain TigerX classes required reservations (cycling, SUP yoga, reformer pilates). Now, you’ll log into mizzourec.com/myspot to register for ALL TigerX classes. The same reservation protocol applies — come AT LEAST five minutes before class starts, because after that we’ll start giving away class spots to members who haven’t registered. There will be limited availability for walk-ins, so reserve your spot online up to 24 hours in advance and ensure you’ll get to sweat it out during your favorite pump class.
Bonus: if you have the MizzouRec More app, you can export class reservations directly to your calendar and get a notification to remind you to make it to the Rec on time!

More data for us means more possible opportunities for you. 

Are you a die-hard cyclist? Really only get a kick out of cardio classes? Maybe TigerX is how you stay committed to your yoga practice — however, we previously weren’t keeping track of who goes to which classes and how often. The one-size-fits-all TigerX pass has been a wonderful option for our members, but who knows what the future holds? With our new online system, we can compile statistics for individual classes and members, opening the door to future membership customization opportunities. Is there a need for new TigerX options? This is how we’re going to find out.


Ready… Set…

Are you ready to take advantage of the awesome TigerX changes? Make sure you’ve activated your MizzouRec online account and downloaded the MizzouRec More app for your smartphone. You’re good to go! Remember to enjoy Free Week from Jan. 17-21 and TigerX Kickoff on Jan. 22. See you soon!