Team Mizzou Profile: Dorothy Sedovic


Dorothy Sedovic • Climbing Technician

Dorothy is a senior majoring in Spanish and Convergence Journalism with an emphasis in Emerging Media. She’s from Aurora, Illinois, and she’s been a part of Team Mizzou since April 2016. If you can’t find Dorothy at Scroggs Peak, you might see her at Capen Rock Park or out and about looking for her next comic book. Meet Dorothy!

How’d you pick your major?

I’ve always wanted to go into journalism. Ever since I was in like 8th grade, I knew I wanted to be a reporter. After my freshman year, I started exploring different forms of journalism and different ways of getting your story out there. I kind of landed on convergence and multimedia. What I want to do is social media and how social media can build your brand and get stories and news out there.   photo-2

When you’re not at the Rec or in class, what are you doing?

That’s mostly where you can find me. I go home to sleep and eat. I think the next place on the list is, you’ll find me at Capen Rock Park. I have a position on Climbing Club. It doesn’t have a title or anything, so I just call myself the ropes girl. I have the top rope equipment for the Climbing Club. So every Wednesday and Saturday, I go out to Capen Rock Park and set up top ropes for the club. I come in and climb here too. You’ll see me around Scroggs Peak all the time. It’s kind of, like, the hub.

Give us a fun fact!

I am a huge comic book enthusiast. Specifically, I really love Marvel. I love the stories, but I also love how the industry works. I just like looking at what stories have become popular and why they’ve become popular. I’m a really big geek, and I really love comic books. photo-1

What does a typical shift look like for you? 

Well, the beginning of the semester is a lot more hands-on because what happens is we get a lot of new people. During Free Week, we’re crazy busy because a lot of people want to try out the wall. It’s really exciting. I like teaching new people, getting them on the wall, and seeing them light up like ‘oh my god, I love this.’  We show you the basics and make sure you’re ready to climb.  We like to say ‘we’ll show you the ropes.’ That’s what we do.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to join Team Mizzou?

Be on time, and make sure to show your enthusiasm. Team Mizzou is more than just a part time job, so make sure you’re in it for the experience. If you want to be a Climbing Technician, you have to be a presence at the wall.