The Real Deal On Personal Training, From Someone Who’s Done It Before


Personal training, explained

We can go on for days about how professional! and knowledgeable! and friendly! and wonderful! our personal trainers are, but it’s much better to hear the real deal from someone who’s done it before. So, meet Linda Bennett: a professor in the College of Education and a boot camp and personal training veteran. On top of that she’s an amazing, fun-loving person.



“When I make a decision to do something, I’m all in. That’s who I am.”



On getting started: “Really I kept signing up for boot camps. It ended up that they were private boot camps. As long as we had enough people to make a boot camp, then Alex (Kiehl) would work it out to have another one for us. So really, that’s what kind of got me.”

On getting out of her comfort zone: “It was pretty much you’re here to do boot camp and we’re going to do as much as you can. Some of us hadn’t done certain things before. He taught us skills to make sure we were doing it right. So it wasn’t just like okay, here’s what you’re going to do and go do it. He had a certain level of expectation regardless of where you started.”

On new friendships: “It really has built. We have completely different jobs. We wouldn’t all be friends if it wouldn’t have been for this.”


On getting what she needed: “I didn’t start with Tom until January. When I decided to start to do a trainer I sent an email and said what I wanted, because I did want something sort of different. Tom is more upper body and weights which typically women need. So, I had a goal there. I wanted someone who liked to do that kind of training. That’s how Tom and I ended up working together.”

On kicking butt: “I wanted to do something intense. If I say the session was awesome, it means that I worked my tail off, that I’m sweating and I ache but I don’t hurt.”

On the challenge: “If you’re not quite working hard enough or you’re not quite doing it right, they’ll let you know. They hold you accountable. I work out hard, I run harder than when I jog around my neighborhood. They push that limit for me.”



On setting your goals: “Know what you want to do. Because there are different ways to train. You could get in and work with a personal trainer but if you don’t have a sense of what you want to work on or the style you want, you’re not going to like it. Even if they’re a good person and they train well, if you don’t let people know what you need and want, you’re not going to keep coming back. That’s important … Personal training makes your brain and your body work together. Your brain has to figure out how to make it happen.”

On why training is for her: “I wanted something where I would leave feeling worn out but exhilarated. Your body has been pushed but you’re feeling ready to go. I’d always heard people say that it’s addictive, and yes. It does gets addictive. If I sit all day for work, I go – I’ve got to do something! You can’t explain it until you feel it.”



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