5 Fitness Apps We Love

It’s probably the point of the semester where you’re starting to get really, really busy. As exams loom and planners fill up, it’s extra important to be kind to your body – getting up and moving is a great stress reliever! We know you might not have hours a day to spend at the Rec, but fear not: some of our awesome Team Mizzou members wanna share their favorite smartphone apps that make organizing your fitness routine easier than ever (If only studying for bio was this simple!).


1. Run like you mean it.

Runkeeper is an app that tracks your runs, motivates you along the way and stores all your runs. I like it because it tells me my time and pace at every mile so I don’t have to look at my phone during my run. The app also sends me snarky (motivational!) notifications when I haven’t gone for a run in a while, challenging me to put on my shoes and go for a run!”
– Claire Taylor, TigerX

Extra tip: Have a goal in mind? Pick a pace or distance you want to hit and this app will store your progress and keep you on track. 


2. Add in an extra rep.

Stronglifts 5×5 is a great beginner app for weights. It keeps track of sets and weights for lifting workouts.”
– Nick Rozier, Membership

Extra tip: Plan your workouts before you get to the Rec (or while you’re hanging out in Jungle Lobby!). Then, zone into your workout without worrying about losing your favorite notebook and pen – this app displays and tracks your reps with a tap.


3. Keep your steps on track.

“I like using my Fitbit with the app so I can check out my steps in real-time. I mostly focus on cardio and use the app to keep track of my steps on the treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper and indoor track.”
– Kelsey Inglis, zouLIFE

Extra tip: No fitness tracker? Fitbit can use sensors on your smartphone to track your progress sans device, but Stepz, Walker and Pacer are some other options for people who keep their smartphone in their pocket 24-7.


4. Try out some oldies (but goodies!).

Google Chrome is really useful when I’m in the middle of a workout and want to add something new. Youtube is also really helpful because I can quickly search for exercises and check my form.”
– Braden Zink, Facility Frontline

Extra tip: Create Youtube playlists of exercise examples to quickly check your form during a workout. Oh, and follow MizzouRec while you’re at it – our zouLIFE personal trainers have some great tips for utilizing spaces around the facility, like Stalcup’s Garage!


5. Relax and breathe.

“I use the app Yoga Studio, which features many poses, props and breathing techniques to help you plan your own yoga class.  Another great feature of the app are the downloadable classes – if I ever need a quick yoga class, I can download one on the app and a video will guide me through my practice.  This app is great for all levels of yoga, from beginner or advanced.”
– Angela Olsen, TigerX

Extra tip: Only have 10 minutes before class? Want to work specifically on your flexibility or get in a quick guided meditation? The downloadable classes vary in length and focus so you can choose your perfect practice. Namaste.