“Personal training has helped keep me on a steady schedule, and it’s held me accountable for all my workouts throughout the semester.”

– Ariel Shifter

Trainer: Mallory Stellhorn

“When you’re trying to make gains on your weight, it helps to have someone to push you further.”

– Allison Vaughn

Trainer: Katie Potter




“I’ve lost 40 pounds total since I started using MizzouRec’s personal training. It just helps me incorporate new things into my workout that I wouldn’t normally do on my own.”

– Lace Cline

Trainer: Rachael Rogers


“A personal trainer is just an extra person that knows what you’re going through, knows what you want to achieve and who’s really supportive throughout the whole process.”

– Amanda Krupnik

Trainer: Mallory Stellhorn



“I think we enjoy it more because we’re laughing together and we both have the same goals, and we’re both in the same physical condition for the most part.”

– Bob Unrath

Trainer: Mallory Stellhorn

Bob does partner training with his friend, Stuart Scroggs.