Personal Training Interest Form

Complete form and return to zouLIFE. With this information, we will match you with one of our nationally certified trainers. Please allow us 72 hours to place you with the best trainer for your goals and for them to contact you directly.

Individual Packages

Training Package Cost
Truman Junior (3 sessions)
$109 (member)
$154 (non-member)
Truman's Choice (8 sessions)$285 (member)
$408 (non-member)
Tiger Pro Pack (12 sessions)$360 (member)
$540 (non-member)
Tiger Elite Pack (20 sessions)$550 (member)
$850 (non-member)
45-minute SINGLE SESSION$40 (member)
$55 (non-member)

Monthly Program Design

Monthly Program DesignCost
Includes fitness assessment and a 4-week take-home program$69 (members)
$84 (non-members)

Personal Training Interest Form