Personal Training

MizzouRec’s Personal Training program can help you get on (and stay on) the road to success. Learn how to workout efficiently and effectively from our certified training staff. We have all the tools to help you build the foundation for your fitness and wellbeing in packages that fit a variety of budgets. Come visit us in zouLIFE or email for more information.

Individualized Personal Training

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your cardiovascular fitness levels, excel at your chosen sport or learn how to work out properly, we’ve got the trainer for you. Sessions are either set for 30 or 45 minutes in length.

Training Package Sessions/DurationCost
INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE*3 sessions / 45 min
w/ partner
8 sessions / 45 min
w/ partner

10 sessions / 45 min

12 sessions / 45 min

15 sessions/ 45 min

20 sessions/45 min






45 min
60 min
MONTHLY PROGRAM DESIGN4 week program$49.50

*all packages include a pre-assessment, are non-transferable and non-refundable, and expire within 6 months of purchase.

Assessment Packages

We offer comprehensive fitness and body composition assessments that help you properly set and measure your fitness goals. We use the mBCA (bioelectrical impedance method) for body composition testing to accurately measure body mass (lean mass vs. fat mass), rather than just weight. Personal fitness assessments are also offered with personal trainers to help you properly set your goals and measure progress.


Boot Camp

Boot camp sessions are five-week programs with a specific focus. Two sessions are offered each semester, and each caters to a different experience level. Boot camp allows participants to receive guidance from our nationally-certified personal trainers while working in an energetic group setting. Boot camp members will so have access to a discount on our Healthy Lifestyle series, a course that educates on other aspects of a healthy life, such as mental health and nutrition.

See the Boot Camp page for more info.





Personal Training

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