Mizzou Tennis Complex Guidelines

Mizzou Tennis Center Guidelines for Student Use

  • Eligible students who are currently recognized as having successfully paid the MU student recreation fee will be permitted to reserve and use open courts provided they are able to present a valid student identification card. Students who are unable to do so will be restricted from facility use.
  • Student reservations are restricted to the outdoor courts only.
  • The maximum time allotment for each court reservation shall be limited to one and one half hours.
  • Courts can be reserved up to one week prior to play.
  • All walk-on patrons must register with the MTC reception desk.
  • Walk-on patrons will be able to obtain a court for immediate play, provided the availability of open court space.
  • Mizzou student patrons (MTC non-members) are not permitted to bring guests. 
Reservation Policy

Reservation Priority is designated as follows:

  • Missouri Intercollegiate Athletics Women’s Tennis Team
  • MissouRec  Club Tennis Team
  • Paying Missouri Students and MTC Members
  • Walk-on Students and MTC Members

Note: Practice and match times are subject to change. 

Tennis Court Rules and Regulations

Appropriate clothing must be worn while on the tennis facility courts at all times. Suitable attire includes, but is not limited to:

      • White rubber soled tennis shoes (Must be tennis specific)
      • Black colored tennis specific shoes
      • Clothing conducive to active movement and respectful of other patrons

Note: The MTC staff will check each patron’s clothing and footwear and make the determination whether the attire is acceptable. Those without proper clothing and footwear will forfeit any services and will not be allowed play until appropriate apparel is obtained.

The following items are strictly prohibited on the playing courts at all times:

Non-tennis specific shoes, glass containers, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, gum, candy, any other non-tennis equipment or activity

Court Reservation Rates

MU students are restricted to outdoor court usage. Walk-on student patrons are not required to pay outdoor court fees unless a reservation is made on one of the designated reservation courts.

Outdoor Court Rate – $10 per hour

Note: Three outdoor courts will be preserved for walk-on traffic with no reservation required and three will be available for reservation.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must occur 24 hours prior to a reserved time. If a court is not canceled 24 hours prior, the patron will be billed for the entire time of the reservation. Reservations are considered canceled and patrons will be charged if they are not present at the MTC ten(10) minutes after the beginning of their reservation.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen Items

MTC management and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen personal property that has been brought to or left unattended at the MTC.

Facility property is not to be removed from the premises; including, water coolers, signage, ball hoppers, benches as well as any other facility owned property. Members are asked to dispose of any trash after court usage. Any violation of these rules should be reported to MTC management and appropriate action will be taken.