Climbing FAQ

Who can climb?

Student and non-student members of MizzouRec.

Excludes Tiger Express

When can I climb?

Monday – Friday 3-7 PM

What if I’ve never climbed before?

No worries! Learn the basics of climbing in our free Climbing 101 class taught M-F from 3-4 PM.

No registration necessary. Be sure to arrive early, as there is a limit to how many people can take the class at one time.

Where do I climb?

Brewer Butte is located on the lower level of MizzouRec right next to the Pump Room in Downtown Brewer.

Do I need to bring anything?

All climbing equipment is provided by MizzouRec at no charge.

You’ll want to wear comfortable active wear and be sure to bring socks as they are required when using our rental shoes.

How many times can I climb?

Your first visit is on the house. You can climb as many times as you would like in your first visit. After your first visit, we require that you purchase a Climbing Pass.

How much is the Climbing Pass?

The Climbing Pass is $25/semester.

How long can I expect to spend in one “session” at the wall?

Most people spend an average of 60-90 minutes climbing or belaying.

When is the least busy time at the wall?

Our peak hours tend to be closer to our open time. Slower times tend to start around 6PM until close.