Mizzou Aquatic Center Schedule

The facility schedule is set per semester, and outlines the hours for each of the pools within the Mizzou Aquatic Center.  The recreation and leisure schedule is based on historic user patterns, program and practice schedules.  We will open and close facilities throughout the day to provide opportunities to you that fit your needs while remaining good stewards of your fees.  Closing facilities during historically low use periods will allow us to open more facilities and stay open longer during high-use periods.  Any interruptions or changes to schedules are communicated quickly via our website, signage, and electronic communication and social media.

We play host to a number of aquatic competitions each year which will take either the 50 meter pool and or Diving Well off-line for anywhere from six hours to five days.  We strive to make this competition schedule available and keep it as up-to-date as possible, and that means publishing the calendar regularly, via several different outlets, so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible.  When we do close facilities for events or maintenance, we try to open other facilities, such as the Tiger Grotto, for extended hours in order to provide you continued opportunities for your recreation and leisure pursuits.