Proper Attire


While we encourage proper swimming attire, the definition of swimming attire has evolved through the years, and we encourage members to wear what makes them comfortable. If you would like to wear swimming shorts and a “rash” shirt over your suit, please do. If you would like to wear water shoes in the Tiger Grotto while you walk, jog, or exercise, we endorse that. If you have cultural requirements for swimming attire, we support that too. We do ask that all your swim attire is clean and not the same clothes you have just worn to workout, and that your attire not impede your movement in the water. We also encourage full showering with soap before entering the pool, as this will reduce the amount of organic compounds introduced to the pool that will react with the chlorine, producing the chemicals that result in the chlorine smell of a pool. These are not only unpleasant to the senses; they can also have an effect on the eyes and respiratory system.

While some may not think about it, having proper footwear available when you are moving through the facility is a must. Make it a habit to have a pair of flip-flops to wear in the locker rooms, corridors, and on pool decks. This will help protect your feet, and also help stop the transmission, from foot to floor to foot, of the unpleasant germs that can be found in locker rooms.

Since you have your ID with you to enter the facility, you should take advantage of the towel service at Brewer Station. Our equipment distribution center located in Downtown Brewer, across the hall from the locker rooms, you can pick up a fresh towel before heading to the locker room to change, stow your gear, and shower. Upon exiting the locker room into the Aquatic Corridor, you have a choice of which pool you could utilize during your recreation and leisure time.