Lap Swim Etiquette


Be respectful of the facility, the equipment, the other patrons and staff on duty.


Please be aware of and take care not to interrupt others’ swimming with your entry or exit, when changing equipment or resting.  The lanes are for lap swimming only.  Please exit the pool for long conversations or extended breaks.


Know your abilities as a swimmer.  Be aware of the water depth, and choose a lane with other swimmers at a similar skill level and pace.


Enter the water feet first.  Make sure you are aware of the water depth and other swimmers while entering or exiting.


Lap lanes can accommodate six to eight lap swimmers at once when each person circle swims.  Swimmers must to stay on the right side of the lanes at all times and swim in a counterclockwise direction.  This will reduce congestion and keep the lane moving.


Lane lines are not weight bearing equipment.  Please do not hang onto the lines between sets or after workouts.


Upon entering the 50 meter and Diving Well area, assess the lanes available and look for a lane which has other swimmers who are moving at a speed close to yours, if possible, to ensure less congestion and frustration.  We encourage sharing lanes, so we enforce circle swimming in the Mizzou Aquatic Center—down on the right, back on the right—which allows for several swimmers or joggers in each lane at the same time.  If you are unsure of how to proceed, please approach one of our Team Mizzou Lifeguards or Leads who can assist you in finding the proper space.

Swimmers will have opportunities, most weeks, to swim both long course (50 meters) and short course (25 yards), as we will “flip” the pool to different configurations based on programmatic needs.  We will post this schedule on our website, and notify you of any changes as we become aware.  We will also work to let swimmers know how many lanes will be available during the day so that you are able to adjust your visit to a time that might be more open.