Event Planning

MizzouRec supports many different types of events hosted on campus by recognized student organizations, while ensuring the safety of the guests of this event, other occupants within the facilities and the building premises. MizzouRec also allows departments and groups outside of the University to host events and rent spaces within our facilities. The following regulations apply to any event scheduled for a space within MizzouRec.


It is the responsibility of the host department or outside group to bear any of the related costs for the event, including but not limited to:

  • Facility rental (recognized student organizations excluded)
  • Grounds services, such as field grooming, additional trash receptacles and clean-up, repairs, etc.
  • Additional custodial fees
  • Damages
  • Additional materials or equipment
  • Staffing/Security
  • Service Fee

Any event hosted within MizzouRec facilities may require University Police Department (MUPD) coverage. Security coverage will be arranged by the Event Manager and may be required after regular facility hours. Based upon the type of event and past experience with similar events, MUPD will assign the appropriate number of officers to provide security to the event. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or group to cover the cost of the MUPD officer on duty. MizzouRec encourages the host group to promote and encourage a safe and secure environment for all participants.

Decorations within Facility

Suspending material from the ceiling, walls, or light fixtures is prohibited, as are decorations, displays, or exhibits that require flame or water without previous approval from Event Management staff. The use of tape, glue, thumbtacks, or adhesive on the walls, ceilings, frames, columns, or staging for attaching any materials is strictly prohibited with MizzouRec Facilities. Talk with Event Management staff for supplementary options that MizzouRec can offer to you. Pictures are not to be removed from the walls. Non-moveable furniture (couches and chairs included) are not to be relocated. If these have been moved, a charge will be assessed.


University student organizations, individuals or departments may not serve as “fronts” for off-campus groups in order to gain free use of any spaces belonging to MizzouRec for the off-campus user. Meetings and events reserved by University student organizations or departments must fall under the following guidelines:

The event/meeting must be conceptualized, planned, and managed by the University student organization or department and must truly be an organization or department initiative.
A majority (over 50%) of those attending events/meetings scheduled by University student organizations or departments must be University of Missouri students, faculty, or staff.
Any costs associated with the event/meeting must be paid by the student organization either by providing a University account number or from checking account belonging to the student organization.
MizzouRec reserves the right to determine the designation of groups as on-campus vs. off-campus sponsorship by considering the nature of the event, past experience with respect to similar events, type, and the nature of attendees.

Property Damage

All groups using MizzouRec facilities are responsible for any and all damages in their reserved area(s). MizzouRec reserves the right to bill any organization, department, or outside group for damages or losses resulting from the use or misuse of the facilities or equipment.

No property of MizzouRec may be removed from the facilities. MizzouRec also does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials or equipment left in the building or in storage.

Space Cleanliness

It is the responsibility of the host group to clean loose trash from the area of the event. Event Management staff will provide the group with trash bags or receptacles as needed. MizzouRec reserves the right to assess fees for actual damage to the premises and/or additional custodial charges if the area is not properly cleaned and returned to the condition in which it was received.


All users of MizzouRec staging will be charged a fee per stage section. Only members of MizzouRec staff on duty are allowed to setup/breakdown the stages. Stages may not be moved once the room has been setup. As with any setup, last minute changes or additions made less than 48 hours prior to the event are not guaranteed. Each section of the stage are 4’ x 8’.

The use of staging is restricted to certain spaces; speak with Event Management for further details. MizzouRec also reserves the right to deny the use of staging based upon the availability of equipment.


MizzouRec will charge a fee of $15 per room/closet used as storage per day of use. Advance permission must be requested. MizzouRec will not be held be responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of any items left or stored in MizzouRec Facilities.

Other Relevant Event Policies & Guidelines

The total number of individuals participating in a function must not exceed the designated capacity of the space. Any and all facility-specific regulations must be followed. All individuals and groups not affiliated with the University must provide a certificate of event insurance before final approval can be authorized.

Please also refer to the following policies and guidelines that are within this manual:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Amplification
  • Cancellations
  • Court Tarps
  • Golf Carts & Parking
  • Posting
  • Reservations
  • Weather Issues

Exceptions to Policy

Depending on facility needs, nature of the event and/or past experiences with the type of event or sponsoring group, additional stipulations to this policy may be required. The host group will be advised in a reasonable amount of time so that they may respond.