How do I make a reservation request for MizzouRec Facilities?

How do I make a reservation request for MizzouRec Facilities?

Making the reservation request:

If you are a Non-MU Affiliate Group: 

Please contact the MizzouRec Event Management office to initiate the request. 

Office: 573-884-0764

If you are a Student Organization or MU Campus Dept/Affiliate: 

  1. Log onto website
  2. Log in using your MU Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. 
  3. On the left side of the screen select Create A Reservation
  4. Depending on your reservation, click book now to the right of one of the following:
    1. Request a Meeting Space
    2. Request Event Space
    3. Request an Outdoor Space
  5. Pick your date and time (option for reoccurring event is also available)
  6. To see available MizzouRec spaces for your reservation
    1. On the left side of the screen, click Add/Remove to the right of Locations
    2. Select MizzouRec Complex
    3. Click Update Locations
  7. EMS will block off your time with red lines
    1. Light blue blocks indicate unavailable spaces
  8. Click the green circle with a white plus sign to select the room/space for your reservation
    1. Multiple spaces are able to be reserved
      1. Remove spaces under Selected Rooms by clicking the red circle with a white minus sign
  9. Fill out details for your reservation then click Add Room
  10. Click Next Step in the next upper right corner when all spaces are selected
  11. Continue with the next sections, filling out details for the reservation
  12. Once finished, click Create Reservation in the upper right corner to submit your request
    1. You will receive email notifications when your request is received and when request status has changed